Frozen banana and peanut butter treats

How did you imagine your life would look when you grew up? What were your dreams and, more importantly, have you achieved them?

I’ve found that as I’ve got older, my dreams have changed. Whereas once I might have imagined myself in some high-powered job, or living in a mansion, (what is it with being a kid and wanting to live in a mansion?!), now I’m quite content pottering about watering my plants and buying cushions.

Fiancé too has pretty simple dreams. (Which is why we get along). If I had to compile a list of his top ten best things, it would go something like this:

  1. Me (natch)
  2. Somerset County Cricket Club (generally)
  3. Marcus Trescothick (specifically)
  4. Peanut butter
  5. Music
  6. Banana flavoured things (If you’re ever in Bristol, the banana gelato at Swoon is amazing)
  7. Books (especially biographies)
  8. Looking inside churches that we find when we are out for a little drive
  9. Imagining he has a pet polar bear
  10. Watching reruns of classic comedies

(I’m not sure of the order of the first three.)

He is especially happy when I manage to combine two of more of the ten. For example, I have set up a Goggle alert for ‘Marcus Trescothick’, so when any interesting Marcus related news breaks I can act interested and knowledgeable about cricket, thus combining the entire top three.

This sort of scene would get him excited – it’s a cricket pitch with a church in the background to look at:

university building Oxford church and cricket pitch

If we were sat together at the edge of this picture, watching Somerset and eating banana ice-creams while a small polar bear slept at his feet, he’d be just about in heaven. I think it could probably only be improved if he got to actually play for Somerset County Cricket Club. This really would be living the dream.

Competition: Would you like to live your dreams for the day?

Sun-Pat recently carried out some research into childhood dreams that revealed that we’re a nation of achievers; 15.6M Brits have pursued their dreams in lifeThe research also found that over half of all Brits believe they would have pursued their dreams further if they had more energy as a child and 78% of adults believe it is easier for people to follow their dreams nowadays than when they were children.

On the back of the research Sun-Pat has launched a competition called Fuel Your Dreams. Two winners will have the chance to experience their dream for a day alongside Olympic hero Adam Peaty or TV presenter Helen Skelton, with eight runner-up prizes of a year’s supply of Sun-Pat Peanut Butter and a £1,000 donation to a local group of their choice to ensure our future stars are equipped to achieve their own dreams.

To enter, all you have to do is tell Sun-Pat what your dream looks like. You can enter now, until 16th November.

(I’m not sure if Sun-Pat could arrange the polar bear for Fiancé.)

How to make frozen peanut butter and banana treats

frozen peanut butter and banana treats recipe

What’s lovely about Fiancé and his top ten list is that he’s very easy to please, a fact which I took advantage of this weekend when I made some frozen peanut butter and banana treats. (Ticking off numbers 1, 4 and 6.)

He has a tendency to get a bit grumpy when he’s hungry, a bit like a toddler when lunch is five minutes late, so I thought these would be ideal for when he needs something in a hurry to keep his energy levels up. Fuel for watching important cricket matches, that sort of thing.

My frozen peanut butter and banana treats are very easy to make, but quite a lot of fun as you can be very creative with what you dip them into. We went with chopped hazelnuts and a couple of different varieties of sprinkles, but you could choose whatever you fancied.

frozen peanut butter and banana treats recipe

Before you’re ready for the dipping though, you need to make the base. To do this, lay out sliced banana on a baking sheet covered with grease-proof paper. Spoon a blob of Sun-Pat peanut butter onto each, and top with another slice of banana, making a little sandwich. Pop these in the freezer for a few hours until hard.

frozen peanut butter and banana treats recipe

When they’re frozen, melt a bar of dark chocolate and arrange your nuts and sprinkles into little bowls, ready for dipping. We used a skewer to pick up the frozen peanut butter and banana sandwiches and dip them into the melted chocolate and then the toppings. Pop each one back onto the tray when you’re done, and then shove the whole lot back into the freezer.

Once they’re frozen hard you can pop them off the tray and into a freezer bag. Whenever you’re ready for a little sweet treat, just grab one from the bag and enjoy!

Tell Sun-Pat about your dreams now for the chance to make them come true.

frozen peanut butter and banana treats recipe

Post in association with Sun-Pat peanut butter. Church image – Chrislofotos/shutterstock.




  1. Victoria Prince
    31 October, 2016 / 10:40 am

    Love the look of these – I’ll definitely be trying them! Something I quite often have and really enjoy is rice cakes, peanut butter and frozen banana – so loving the step up and addition of chocolate :)

    • Jo Middleton
      31 October, 2016 / 11:21 am

      Have you ever blended up frozen banana? It’s just like ice cream! It’s ace :-)

      • Victoria Prince
        31 October, 2016 / 11:55 am

        Ooh yes, had trouble getting it properly blended (need a new blender I think!) but got there in the end! I keep meaning to get more creative with that and add extras to it to make a more deluxe ice cream, but have never quite got round to it yet!

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