Win a year’s worth of shopping from Tesco with Slumberdown

But be quick! You’ve only got four days to enter, starting now, so go! Here’s the competition in case you’re just so excited that you can’t bear it and have to go and enter right away. Or read the post first. You know, whatever.

*awkward pause while some people leave*

Okay, thanks for staying!

So, blogging. It’s a funny old game. Often I find myself wondering just how it happened that I came to get paid for doing things like videoing myself ironing and visiting chocolate factories. Surely someone at some point will cotton on to the fact that I’m actually just having loads of fun, and shut me down?! Not so far though, so fingers crossed!

This post is a prime example of what I mean.

I got an email a couple of weeks ago that went something like this:

‘Hi Jo! We’d really like to send you a new Slumberdown duvet and a box of treats so that you can have a duvet day!’

Let me think about it for a minute…


It’s all in the spirit of the Slumberdown competition, which is in response to research that shows that once we pack our kids off to university, (one down, one to go), we spend more money on things like luxury bedding, champagne and general treats. Hell yes. Slumberdown made this little picture in fact, to show a student spend, versus the spend of a parent, suddenly freed of having to waste all their cash on boring things like school uniforms and fish fingers:


That’s me on the right with my new luxury duvet and treats. The girls are on the left with the cheap vodka and Slumberdown’s affordable Big Hugs range. (I was disappointed that Slumberdown didn’t send me a lobster though.)

Have you got kids at university yet? Has it changed your spending habits? If not, spend a moment now imagining that empty nest, filled with champagne and luxury homewares…

And back in the room.

To enter the Slumberdown competition to win a year’s worth of shopping from Tesco, you need to tell Slumberdown what luxuries you’ll indulge in once the kids have left home. You can do it through words or pictures, it’s up to you. Armed with my new luxury duvet, a box of treats and a day in bed to enjoy them, I decided to do both, and composed an illustrated letter to Slumberdown…

Dearest Slumberdown,

When my kids go to university and I am an old woman I shall wear purple. And a red hat that doesn’t go… Oh no, hang on, that’s something else. When my kids go to university I will start my life as a independent grown up. I was only 17 you see Slumberdown when my first daughter was born, so I’ve never known what it’s like to be an adult but not have children living at home, demanding I spend my hard earned wages on things like school shoes. (How selfish of them!)

When they’ve gone, I won’t be too sad because I won’t have to get up for school every day, and I can stay in bed, cosy in my luxury duvet like this:

Slumberdown duvet day

Instead of having to provide cheap but wholesome breakfast options, I will eat pastries, and sometimes chocolates. In bed, obviously. And I will spend money on piles of magazines, and films I like, to watch in said bed. (Although secretly I’ll still be watching Disney classics because I love them.)

Slumberdown duvet day

When I need to stretch my legs I will pop to the supermarket for a whole lobster.

Kind regards,

Slummy single mummy xx

P.S. This post was produced in association with Slumberdown. Can you tell? All words my own. Obvs.


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