The cake that made Christmas – a story from Whitworths

Do you make your own Christmas cake?

I have once. It was a right faff. Totally worth it though in terms of how smug I felt come Christmas day, presenting the cake I’d been liberally soaking in brandy for what felt like about two years. Plus once I’d trimmed off the burnt bits and covered it all in marzipan and icing, it tasted pretty good too.

It went nicely with my display of intricately decorated Christmas gingerbread cookies:

Christmas gingerbread cookies

Haha! Not really. Can you even imagine?!

Still, when you think about it, it’s cake plus alcohol, so what’s not to like about that, regardless of how it looks?

Christmas of course is not just about cake and booze.

(Seriously?! That’s disappointing.)

Nope, it’s about LOVE and FAMILY and SHARING and what not. (And Roses chocolates and Harvey’s Bristol Cream.)

To illustrate the point, Whitworths, who I’ve heard are partial to the odd wafer thin slice of cake, have written a little Christmassy book, all about cake and Christmas and what it all really means. It’s ever so sweet, (pun intended), and well worth a read if you do need a little reminder of what Christmas should be about. It’s easy to turn into a bit of a scrooge about it after all when you’re faced with row upon row of festive tat every time you try to go to the supermarket just for a pint of milk.

Anyway, this is the book:

The idea behind the #ShareTheLove campaign is to encourage families to get into the kitchen and bake something together, and then give it as a gift, rather than just thinking of Christmas as a time to wearily fill your trolley with the aforementioned supermarket tat. At the end of the book you’ll also find the recipe for the cake featured in the story, so you can share your very own slice of love this Christmas. Ahhh!

The end.

cranberry and almond cake recipe

Cookies –Elena Schweitzer/shutterstock. (Definitely not mine – far too pretty.) 

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