How to make £1000s RISK FREE during the Football Season with Matched Betting

Today I have another guest from the man I like to call ‘Matched Betting Jon’ from The Money Shed. Jon has written a few posts for me before, and has one today about making money from matched betting during the football season. I’d like to say Jon pays to post here, but we’ve struck up an unlikely online friendship, based principally on him insulting my love of caravans, and so I let him post here now and again. I’ve done matched betting myself, and it isn’t some weird scam I promise, so it’s worth a go.

Over to Jon…

Foreword – I have written A Beginners Guide to Matched Betting for Jo on here which you might like to read if you wish to give this a go.

Now that August has finally rolled around and we’ve seen the most of whatever ‘summer’ we’re likely to get, the next thing on the calendar we can look forward to is every matched bettor’s favourite time of year – the return of the Premier League!

What you need to get started with RISK FREE Matched Betting

Football offers at the weekend are the bread and butter of every matched bettor, and there is potential to make a healthy profit each month with the risk-free offers that the bookies throw at punters during the season.

Here is a selection of the best offers that we saw last year, many of which are likely to make a return for the upcoming 2016-17 football season!

START OF THE SEASON – Outright offers

To kick off the season in August, several bookies will have offers that require a qualifying bet on the Outright Winner or Top Goalscorer of the Premier League – this will tie-up your funds for both the back bet and the liability of the lay bet until the end of the season (May 2017), however they can prove to be quite profitable should you be able to set aside the money that will be tied up for 9 months until the season is over.

Examples of the offers we saw from bookies 2015-2016:

  • Bet £25 on the Premier League Top Goalscorer market and receive a £5 free bet for every game they score a goal in until Christmas.
  • Bet £20 on Premier League outright winner market and receive a £2 free bet for every goal they score in August.
  • Bet £20 on Premier League outright winner market and receive a £5 free bet for every goal they score in the first week of the season.
  • Bet £25 on the Premier League Top Goalscorer market and receive a £2 free bet for every game they score a goal throughout the season (up to £10 I free bets per week).
  • Bet £20 on Premier League outright winner market and receive a £5 free bet for every goal they score in the first week of the season.
  • Bet £25 on the Premier League Top Goalscorer market and if they are the first in the season to score 10 goals then you will receive a £25 free bet.


Many offers run weekly throughout the season. Here’s a selection of the best:

Free bets each time your team(s) score!

A straightforward and very profitable offer bookies run throughout the season; simply choose one between 1 and 3 Premier League teams depending on the bookie and place a qualifying bet on each game your teams play, every time your team scores you a free bet based upon which tier your team is in. Even better, when your teams play one another you only need to place one qualifying bet on the game! Free bets are usually credited by Monday and can be used on any sport. A fantastic offer that is not to be missed!

Inplay offers!

These offers come thick and fast throughout the season and are VERY simple to do. To qualify for this offer you normally have to bet a nominal fee (£15, £20 or £25) on the featured match before kick-off and you simply receive a free bet to use in the game itself. A great offer, but do proceed with caution as you need to make sure you are around for at least the START of the game so that you can use the FREE BET.

Bet & Spin

There are some offers that are a mix of sports and casino – ie.  place a bet of £10 on the featured match and the following day you will receive a random casino bonus of to up £100 which has to be wagered 10x. It’s worth a shot mainly because you could hit a big win! Also, a loophole to make this risk-free is to find a qualifying bet that gives you a loss of under 50p, then when your bonus amount goes below 50p it is automatically turned into cash, which covers your loss and makes it risk free.


Some bookies offer free spins based on the goals of featured matches. To qualify for these offers  simply place a qualifying bet on the featured match and receive free spins for each goal scored in the game, to use on a featured slot. There is sometimes no wagering on the free spins so if you can get a small qualifying loss then this offer is almost risk-free, plus there is a chance you could hit a nice win!

Free Bet Clubs!

Some of the bookies will offer ‘free bet clubs where you Simply opt in, bet a set amount throughout the week (from Monday until 23:59 on Sunday) and you will receive a free bet to use the following week that can be used on any sport. These offers generally run throughout the year, including outside of the football season, however, using football matches to find a qualifying bet often gives a low qualifying loss, which means you can extract more profit and also use the football to place some mug bets.


Of course what you have read so far is not an exhaustive list:  every bookies run various one-off offers that may only happen every few weeks, once a month, or less often, but one thing is for sure – come Saturday morning there are always a fist-full of offers to make you guaranteed risk-free profit every weekend of the season.

A selection of the best:

  • Bet £20 get £10/Bet £20 get £5/Bet £10 get £5 etc.: many bookies will have a standard ‘bet x get x free bet’ on featured matches. To take advantage simply bet the required qualifying amount on the featured match and receive a free bet, sometimes for use on another match or open to any sports market.
  • In-play refunds: Every matched bettor’s favourite offer that rolls around every few weeks or so. This offer gives you a ‘risk-free’ bet placed in-play, so if your bet loses then you get a refund of your stake, however if we lay off the bet then we make a guaranteed profit! Place a qualifying bet of £50 before the featured match and then another £50 in-play and you should clear £33-£40 from this offer every time.
  • Goalscorer refunds: There are various offers from different bookies related to the goalscorer markets – money back if your first goalscorer scores second as well as first or instead of first, double odds if your first goalscorer scores a second and/or third goal, and so on. These are perhaps less likely to happen but if you can get low qualifying losses then it is worth a punt and may prove to be very profitable over time.
  • Bore-Draw specials: Many bookies offer refunds on featured matches in which they will refund your stake as a free bet (or sometimes cash) if the game ends in a draw.
  • ….and SO MANY MORE!


New to matched betting? Been doing it for a while and haven’t got around to opening accounts with every bookies? Well, right now it is also a fantastic time of year to open new accounts with bookies as the Premier League and Championship offer multiple high-profile events every weekend (meaning decent odds, plenty of money in the market, and a good looking ‘muggy’ account), which enables you to get through new account offers quickly and move onto reload offers. You may also find that bookies offer special ‘new account’ offers to coincide with the start of the football season that are better than their usual welcome offers.

So what are you waiting for?

There really are a number of fantastic offers that run every weekend, so even if you are a casual match bettor who only has time to place bets on a Saturday morning then you will find a wide enough selection to earn you upwards of £500 risk-free guaranteed profit every month!

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