Transform your entertaining space with Oakley Conservatories

Picture me now…

I’m at home, in my conservatory. The sun is streaming through the windows, (but it’s not too hot – you can get fancy glass for that now), and I’m surrounded by gorgeous plants. In my hand is some sort of delicious gin based cocktail – I have guests round and we’re chatting in a relaxed way about very interesting and intelligent things. Over in the corner where we keep the bar, my fiancé is fixing a drink for Stephen Fry and chatting about music and cricket…

Okay, you got me, none of that is real. What gave it away?

It would be ace though wouldn’t it? I’ve always felt that a proper conservatory is really the dream – I’m a sucker for plants, and a beautiful space that I could fill with them, whilst I reclined elegantly somewhere, would be ideal.

Perhaps a little something like this?

shutterstock_363302444 (1), Oakley conservatories

I think fiancé might have an actual heart attack if he came home and saw that. He’d like something a little more along these lines I reckon:

shutterstock_357007598 (1), Oakley conservatories

If you’ve often toyed with the idea of a conservatory, and want to make more space in your home for entertaining, but have never been sure about the practicalities, how about going along to a showroom? I have to admit that I didn’t know until recently that there was even such a thing as a conservatory showroom, but what do I know?

Oakley Green Conservatories has a showroom near me in Bristol, as well as conservatory showrooms in Thatcham and Maidenhead. The beauty of a company like Oakley is that they can also get involved in non-conservatory related building work, so if you want a major revamp, they can also help with kitchen designs. It would be rather nice to think you only had to go to one place for the whole project.

To give you some further conservatory inspiration, I’ve put together a Pinterest board full of lovely conservatory entertaining pictures.

You’ll be fixing Stephen Fry that drink before you know it.


Images – Craig Hinton, Joshua Rainey Photography – from Shutterstock. Sponsored post.


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