7 Slummy Single Mummy anti-ageing tips

A lot of people tell me I look young for my age. This is me, sporting a rather fetching Christmas pudding hat:

Jo Middleton Slummy Single Mummy, anti-ageing tips

I’m actually 57.

Not really. I’m 38 though. I have a bit of a party trick when I meet new people – I casually mention that I have children, and they say ‘Oh right, how old?’ expecting me to say three and one, or something like that, and I say 13 and 20, and watch them wrestle with their face, not sure if they are allowed to say anything.

It’s funny. I deliberately say 13 first, as that seems to shock people enough, and then when they are on the back foot, I go in with the 20. Boom.

Often here they will gasp and say “God, you don’t look old enough to have a 20 year old!”

“I’m not really,” I will say, smiling knowingly, and making them even more confused.

So, I had a genius idea – I thought I would have a bit of a think, and put together my very own anti-ageing tips for you! Like a proper beauty blogger, only more disgusting, as you will see.

Don’t wash

An easy one to start with. Let those natural oils flow guys! Your skin doesn’t want to be getting wet and dry again all the time now does it? Washing your hands all the time is just going to leave you looking like one of those old ladies with wrinkly hands and lots of gold rings. No one wants that.

Avoid the sun

Everyone knows it’s bad for you, so scrap the picnic, skip the trip to the park and stay in and watch Peppa Pig instead. Your skin will thank you for it.

Many people think that the time we should start thinking about anti-aging skincare is when we reach our retirement days. Contrary to that belief, we need to actually start taking good care of our skin and keep it from aging as early as our 20s.  Wrinkles and fine lines becomes visible when skin begins to lose collagen. Too much sun exposure also contribute as it can weaken the elasticity of the skin. Anti-aging creams and sunscreens can be helpful to prevent premature aging but be sure to check if the products you use best fit your skin type.

Train a child to wash up

As with point one above, you really don’t want to be sticking your hands into hot soapy water day in day out, so assign washing up to one of your children as a chore as soon as possible. Stand them on a chair and turn it into a game. They’ll soon learn to be careful with the knives.

Try not to care too much generally

That worry will show on your face! Instead of bothering about which schools your kids will get into, or whether or not they’ve had enough fruit and vegetables, concentrate on the trivial things, like which of your spider babies needs repotting next, or whether you want to read Nancy Drew or the Hardy Boys in bed tonight.

Avoid crafts with children

GLITTER!!! ARGH!!! Seeing your kitchen covered in red paint and cornflour will age you by at least five years, instantly. Avoid it wherever possible.

Use your natural oils

If you find yourself sat on a train with a spare moment, take the opportunity to use what nature has blessed you with and rub some of the grease from your nose and other oily bits of your face onto the drier areas, like the skin around your eyes. It’s fine, it’s natural. 


Every day. It’s very important. Choose a moisturiser with built in sun protection.

What are your favourite anti-ageing tips?



  1. 27 April, 2016 / 10:31 am

    I was mother of three and working in a school in my mid twenties where the head said
    “You must have been a child bride!”
    “No, but I was a gymslip mother” I replied.


  2. 27 April, 2016 / 11:19 am

    Well you look about 23 so I am not surprised people wrestle with their face when you say you have a 20 year old! I totally agree about not over-washing your face. I shower every other day, and otherwise mostly leave my face and hair alone unless I have to look presentable and put a bit of makeup on. It’s pure laziness in my case, not any kind of intentional beauty regime, but it seems obvious that the less you pull your face about, the longer it’ll look good.

    • Jo Middleton
      27 April, 2016 / 11:33 am

      Exactly! I don’t see the point of stripping your face of its natural oil to then just smear back on loads of products – it seems a bit crazy. Laziness on my part too, but perhaps that’s the secret!

  3. 29 April, 2016 / 7:10 am

    Hahaha this made laugh! I think I look quite young for my age, the nurse who gave me a blood test the other week had to double check all my details as I wasn’t what she had in mind when she went into the waiting room to look for a 31 year old, I was very happy inside!! I am definitely starting to see signs of aging though, I have really bad lines around my eyes and have noticed the skin around my ears going saggy! I blame all the glitter that Cherry is always sprinkling all over the house!! x

  4. 29 April, 2016 / 6:40 pm

    Mine is stay fat. Or fatter of face. If you lose weight in your face you look haggard. And it fills your wrinkles out.

    • Jo Middleton
      30 April, 2016 / 12:08 pm

      YES!! I actually meant to put that one in – ‘stay just a little bit overweight’ :-)

  5. 29 April, 2016 / 10:18 pm

    You forgot the most effective anti-ageing tip….don’t have kids! I used to look young and fresh and well rested. Then I had the girls and now I look old and saggy and knackered. Lol.

  6. 1 May, 2016 / 3:19 pm

    This really made me chuckle this morning Jo – loved reading this, I am all about training the kids to do the washing up and I could do with caring less – the only one I can’t give up is missing out on being in the sunshine….my one huge downfall, I’m all about the sun :)

    Laura x

  7. 18 April, 2018 / 7:47 am

    Isn’t it great to hear other people saying you look younger? What great tips you have. I agree that over washing makes you look old.Thanks for this wonderful tips.

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