Things to do online with long distance friends

If you have friends who live far away or are in a long distance relationship, then just seeing each other occasionally or speaking on the phone doesn’t have to be the only way to socialise together. There are lots of things that you can do online with people in another city or even another country that mean you can still have fun together, catch up and stay connected.


Skype is an amazing tool that you can use to video chat with friends, no matter where in the world they are. With multiple users in the same chat you can catch up with friends or relatives anywhere, all at the same time, without having to leave your living room. Just agree on a time to all be online and you’ll be sharing old stories before you know it.

Online real time games

If you would rather do something together than just talk, playing online real time games can be a great way to virtually spend time together. With loads of different game sites out there, there are games to suit everyone’s taste and you can choose to play with other people or in a closed room with just you and your friends.

Online bingo

Another fun thing to do with friends online is to have a go at joining an online bingo community. You can join the same games to cheer each other on while having fun and hopefully winning some prizes. These days, you can get more of a bonus with online bingo when you shop around different sites for beginner’s offers.  

Watch together

As well as games you can play together, there are now sites on the internet that will let you watch shows together in real time so it’s almost like you’re sitting there watching them together. As well as TV shows and movies, you can also use sites like these to watch YouTube videos together for hours of fun.


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