You are all kinds of awesome, Or how to think different thoughts

This morning was a good morning at work.

I arrived soaking wet, in my yellow sailor macintosh, feeling a little stressed, but decided that I was simply going to think different thoughts.

I know right?

Pretty radical.

I’m reading a book at the moment that is loosely about relationships, but actually much more about emotions generally, and the gist of the first two chapters is that if you’re feeling cross or sad or frustrated, you really don’t have to. Emotions are just feelings, and feelings really are just thoughts – they aren’t a fundamental state of being, they are just a transient way of thinking. So, it follows that if you don’t want to feel a particular way, you just think different thoughts.

So I whipped off the yellow mac, and set to work.

First of all, I put up my new motivational office poster, and looked at it for a bit:

Right, first job for Wednesday, my motivational office print is on the wall and ready to make my day AMAZING.

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Then I cleared off my desk, and made everything nice and tidy, feeling excited as I went about what a great day I was going to have. I ate some grapes, and congratulated myself on worshipping my body like the proverbial temple.

Then I fancied a cup of tea, so I trotted down the road to the shop for milk. I smiled nicely at the shop lady even though she is a right old misery, and on the way home I caught myself singing ‘I’m Every Woman’ in the street.

I mean just look at this video, you couldn’t help but feel all kinds of awesome in any of these outfits could you?

So if you’re feeling glum, have a sing along now and think different thoughts, even if only for a few minutes.



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