Lunch at The Mae Deli with Deliciously Ella and Method

I have to say that it can be pretty annoying living in Somerset and constantly getting invited to events in London. Fortunately, I have Bee, my London correspondent, to attend things on my behalf. Over to you Bee…

Last week I was lucky enough to be invited to a special lunch put together by Method, the lovely cleaning products people, and Ella Woodward aka Deliciously Ella. The lunch was held at The Mae Deli, a trendy new clean eating focused deli set up by Ella and her fiancé Matt after the success of Ella’s first bestselling recipe and lifestyle book. I had wanted to go there for a while to check it out because I absolutely love Ella’s recipes, so I was really happy to be invited and finally get to see it in real life.

The deli was absolutely lovely inside and as a result was very busy, so I would say if you want to go I would get there early and avoid the lunch time rush. For the lunch we were taken downstairs to the bigger room for our three course meal specially put together with recipes created by Ella. These weren’t just random recipes though, they were all based on the ingredients in Method’s new range of wonderful cleaning products to celebrate the new partnership between Method and Deliciously Ella.

The starter was almond soup, which I was sceptical about at first but turned out to be really, really nice. This was based on Method’s almond floor cleaner. I got some to take home and it leaves my wooden floors feeling and looking really clean as well as smelling great. I would recommend trying almond soup if you haven’t already, it’s eaten hot and has a really unique but lovely flavour.

What’s great about this new partnership is that I love both Method and Deliciously Ella and I only buy Method cleaning products, just because they are really good, they last a long time and they all smell amazing. They are made of all natural and eco-friendly ingredients which is really important to me, because I don’t want to be spraying chemicals all around my flat, especially on things like kitchen surfaces and while washing up. I also really like the packaging which is obviously one of the most important things to think about when buying any product.

I basically live by Ella’s first book and have made so many amazing recipes from there, both meals and treats. I love that they are all so simple to make while tasting delicious and leaving you feeling super healthy too! The partnership with Ella and Method is also great because it’s ethos is an all-round approach to healthy living – not just thinking about what you’re putting into your body but also what you’re using in your home and how other products, not just food, can contribute to a clean and healthy lifestyle.

The lunch itself was delicious as expected and it was really cool for me to get the opportunity to try some of Ella’s recipes before anyone else! I have all of the recipes available to share with you guys so if you want to hear more about the food itself and give it a try, head over to my food blog to find out more.

The Mae Deli review deliciously Ella

The Mae Deli review deliciously Ella

The Mae Deli review deliciously Ella



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