HotHands hand and foot warmers review: Keep warm this winter!

It doesn’t happen often that I get sent a product to review and love it so much that I immediately go out and buy some more, but that’s exactly what happened with the HotHands hand and foot warmers from Kobayashi. You don’t get much more of an endorsement than that.

You see, I’m not even just saying it to sound convincing:

Review Kobayashi HotHands hand and foot warmersReview Kobayashi HotHands hand and foot warmers

Belle has always struggled with cold feet and hands. She’s a little twiglet of a thing and in the winter she gets a lot of cramps in her feet from the cold. She has some of those hand warmers that you have to boil up and then crack, but they are a lot of faff and the heat doesn’t last for long in her pockets. She’s tried layering up her socks too, but there’s only so much you can do and still retain a semblance of cool in your school uniform.

The HotHands hand and foot warmers have therefore been something of a revelation.

Review Kobayashi HotHands hand and foot warmers

Do you remember that a little while ago I wrote about the Kool ‘n’ Soothe patches for migraines? Well, the HotHands hand and foot warmers are sort of the opposite of that. They contain iron, activated carbon, and water. When these come into contact with air, they oxidise and produce heat.

Here’s a little video that tells you more:

Unlike the hand warmers that Belle has had in the past, the HotHands hand and foot warmers really last. Belle has been popping the foot warmers into her school shoes when she sets off for school at 8am and they are still warm when she leaves again at 3pm. As she is far too cool to wear a coat, and anything other than thin opaque tights are apparently a no-no for teenage girls, they have really made a massive difference.

“They’re soooo good,” said Belle, coming home from school on her first day with the foot warmers. “I can’t believe they lasted all day! Can we get some more?”

“They’re that good, are they?” I asked. (I’m sceptical like that.)

“Oh my God yes,” she said. “They’re amazing. I’m not even kidding.”

I get cold feet too, especially when I’m sat down all day and my circulation gets a bit sluggish, but the HotHand food warmers would be equally good for slightly less sedentary people than me. Imagine anywhere that you normally get cold feet and hands – out shopping, hiking, standing around at school football matches – they’d be ideal for any of these.

In fact, HotHand hand and foot warmers may make all the difference when it comes to my Christmas activity chart…

Review Kobayashi HotHands hand and foot warmers

A winter walk usually results in whinging and moaning about the cold, but now I feel almost optimistic about the next time I suggest to Belle that she’d really like a stroll through a candlelit wood.

I really can’t praise the HotHands hand and foot warmers enough. If you suffer from cold hands and feet then give them a go – if you’re anything at all like Belle (or me), you won’t regret it!

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