Scooter tips and tricks from Halfords

Are any of your kids getting a scooter for Christmas?

We’re a little bit past the scooter age, but we’ve had our fair share of them in the past. We’ve had the tricky (for me) ones where you sort of have to lean to turn corners, and the metal ones that like to spin around and bash you on the ankles. They can be great for encouraging small people to leave the house, but you do have to be a little bit careful to use them properly. One of my pet hates is when kids scoot on pavements at school pick up time – they don’t seem to understand that other people have to use the pavement too.

*makes effort to stop sounding like an old lady*

Anyway, if a scooter is on the Christmas list, you might want to check out the scooters at Halfords, as they have 10% off until Monday, which means extra money for you for gin. Hoorah! They’ve also put together this scooter guide, to help your kids scoot in safety and do cool tricks.

Happy scooting!

Halfords_Scooter_Infographic-1Halfords_Scooter_Infographic-2Halfords_Scooter_Infographic-3Halfords_Scooter_Infographic-4scooter guide

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