10 cool Christmas gifts for men

Do you struggle to buy Christmas gifts for the men in your life? It can be pretty demoralising in the ‘gifts for me’ section in shops – not all men want cufflinks in the shape of golf balls.

To help you out, my fiance has put together a selection of things he would like for Christmas, partly to help you out, but also at a prompt for me I think. As if I would forget the Ashes DVD.

Ah, Christmas. It really is the most wonderful time of the year. That said, there is nothing worse that the sad feeling of receiving gifts from your loved ones that don’t quite hit the mark having put in a good deal thought and effort buying for them. Shallow and materialistic? Maybe, but my fake smile would have got me into RADA the year I received a poster of Kermit the frog with “frame to follow” written on the gift tag, (it never has), or the year when I was unsubtly told by my whole family that I needed some exercise. In total, I received 35 pairs of white sports socks.

If you’re struggling to find something for the man in your life, then fear not. Even if he’s a die hard Doctor Who groupie or insists every year on an addition to his collection of cool hats, you can still branch out and get something he will love – here’s my guide to what to buy. There is something for everyone…

A shirt from Emmett

At the top of the class, it’s an Emmett shirt. Let’s be utterly clear about this – Emmett shirts are things of unparalleled beauty. It’s no exaggeration to say that every time I have worn an Emmett shirt it has been commented upon and complimented. Even their plain white shirt. They’re not cheap, but they don’t look or feel cheap. They feel stylish and beautiful, are perfectly cut and last for longer than any other make of shirt I’ve owned. I challenge anyone to wear an Emmett shirt and not return to buy another. And another. And so on.

Emmett have shirts for every occasion, be it formal or party, and they also sell a wonderful range of accessories too. Every time I visit an Emmett shop I’m anxious in case the bubble will have burst and I don’t find a load of new designs that I covet. That’s never happened and I doubt it ever will. A guaranteed Christmas present pleaser and in my humble opinion, by a country mile (and then some) these are the best shirts I’ve ever worn.

Christmas gifts for menSailcloth holdall

What to be taken away for the weekend? Need to drop hints? I’m a big fan of Quba’s range of products made from sailcloth. Understandably there’s a wonderfully nautical feel to their products, and this converter back which works as a holdall and backpack is the perfect size for a weekend away. If that’s too big for what you had in mind, have a look at their stylish wash bags and other accessories.

Christmas gifts for men

Regimental socks

There is nothing (no, nothing) quite like the feeling of putting on a brand new pair of socks. It makes me feel like a king. I’m a big fan of loud, stripy socks, and these beauties tick all the boxes. Corgi are the Rolls Royce of the sock world. Alongside their beautiful socks for every occasion, this year they’ve launched the regimental collection – a collection of socks commissioned by HRH The Prince of Wales in the colours of the Regiments of which he is Colonel or Colonel-in-Chief. What’s more, for every pair sold, a donation will be made to ‘Combat Stress’ , a charity that specialises in the care of veterans’ mental health. They’re colourful, absurdly comfortable, subtly patriotic and are raising money of a thoroughly
worthwhile cause.

Christmas gifts for men

Beard removal kit

Beards were cool. Note the past tense. If you need to drop a subtle hint that it’s time for your man’s beard to disappear, then this could be the perfect gift. It contains everything you need to help that unwanted facial hair vanish without the risk of moaning caused by unnecessary shaving rash.

Christmas gifts for men

A body-shaped sleeping bag

I went to my first festival this year. Worst moment? Having to negotiate out of a sleeping bag in the night to go to answer a call of nature. Even if festivals aren’t your thing, what man wouldn’t want a body-shaped sleeping bag?! It has all the comfort of a onesie whilst retaining a certain masculine charm. Perfect for a day in front of the telly and a hundred other situations.

Christmas gifts for men

A timeless watch

There’s no present like the time, my Dad used to say. He always did like a pun. Contrary to popular opinion, a man definitely can have more than one watch. If you’re serious about the man in your life and want to buy a watch that reflects this, definitely don’t buy an iWatch. It’ll be gathering dust and look pathetic by next Christmas. Instead, head over to McCabe Watches. They make seriously beautiful timepieces at affordable prices. Be it the timeless style of ‘The London’ or the more contemporary feel of ‘The Victory’ there is a watch for every man. I’d be smitten to discover one of these at the bottom of my stocking.

Christmas gifts for men

Stripy slipper socks

Talking of stockings, what footwear to wear around the house is a tricky one for any man between the ages of 10 and 70. Either side of those ages slippers are both acceptable and functional, and for the under 10s, the addition of a plastic superhero that can be picked off over the life of the slipper makes them rather cool. The void of what to do whilst you wait for your 70th birthday has been filed by these wonderful house socks by Savile Rouge. They are ‘the’ most comfortable item of footwear I have tried, and I need no excuse to wear them. Not only do they look wonderfully retro in their chunky knit stripes (mine are classic red and white stripes, and they do a host of other colours), with the softest, warmest fleece lining you can imagine. There are non-slip grips on the sole for when you do have to get up, but provided you don’t, these are the height of luxury for a bit vegetating.

Christmas gifts for men

A chocolate wreath

Every man needs chocolate at Christmas, and this is the man-sized beast of all chocolate gifts. In fact, breaking it up should be a task on this year’s World’s Strongest Man competition. I resulted to taking the rolling pin to it. Couple the finest chocolate with generously studded nibbly cocoa biscuits, shortbread biscuits and crisp caramelised Florentine squares and you have the makings for chocolate indulgence heaven. Share it, or keep it hidden as a chocolate stash that will last the full twelve days of Christmas.Christmas gifts for men

Funky book lamp

If someone gave me a book mark for Christmas I might not be overly enthusiastic. If they gave me the Suck UK Book Rest Lamp I’d be pretty chuffed. This canny lamp doubles as a book mark. It’s perfect for bedside reading – brighter when you’re reading a chapter of an improving book, and then a subtler ambiance when your book makes the roof of the house design. You’ve got to admit, it’s pretty cool, right?!

Christmas gifts for men

The Ashes on DVD

Finally, if the man in your life is a cricket fan, then he will want – no, expect – a copy of this summer’s Ashes series on DVD or Bluray. An Ashes win is not so much of a rarity as it was when I was a kid, but it’s still important to catologue them for posterity when they happen. After all, you never know when the next drought might start.

Christmas gifts for men


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    A watch is really a great gift because it is one of the few ways guys can accessorize. It is great to get a classic looking watch for nice occasions or even everyday. Thanks for sharing these ideas!

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