A guest post from Bee – things that make Christmas special to me

Today I have a guest post from Bee, about her favourite Christmas traditions.

Christmas presents

All of my 20 Christmases so far have comprised of the same basic elements that I rely on to officially make it Christmas every year. Things generally happen in about the same way every time and I like the way things are. This year, however, I am going for my first Christmas in Ireland. I’m going for four days, which I am currently trying to manage in my mind as I really don’t like being away from London, let alone being abroad. Hopefully Christmas will still be nice though, even if I have to get my head around not having the usual Christmas traditions to look forward to.

One of my favourite things about Christmas every year is going to Marks & Spencer to do Christmas food shopping. I love it because we get loads and loads of festive treats and I get to put whatever I want in the trolley because I have a really nice Mummy. We have always done it at the little food hall in Taunton M&S and when we moved to Bristol, I was crushed that we couldn’t drive all the way down to Taunton just to go food shopping. I was really happy last year then after everyone had moved back to Taunton that we could go there again. Treats galore!

One of my other favourite parts of Christmas is when me and Mumma spend an evening looking through all of the presents she has bought for everyone and collected up over the weeks so I can see what everyone is getting as she starts wrapping them up. Then I try to guess what my presents are when they are all wrapped up under the tree. When I first saw the new Littlewoods Christmas advert it reminded me of this, seeing what everyone was getting and watching them be wrapped, and every time I see it on TV I feel a little bit like I’m at home looking through the presents. Sometimes I browse the Littlewoods Christmas range, just to try to recreate the feeling.

Another thing that I love that we get to do this year even though we are going away is Christmas Eve brunch at the cosy club with all of Belle’s little chums and their mummies. I always either get pancakes or eggs Benedict and some kind of overpriced champagne cocktail and it is the best because everyone is really excited. Sometimes Christmas Eve is even better than the actual day.

Christmas in Ireland is going to be different but seeing as it will be my 21st Christmas, maybe it’s time for a bit of a change.

Christmas kitten

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