Autumn inspired interiors with Furniture Village – #AutumnDays

This week, my fiancé brought a lot of belongings home from a place that we have been referring to as ‘fake storage’. Fake storage, because every now and again he would drop into conversation that he had an item that was ‘in storage’, and yet nothing ever appeared.

“Don’t buy a griddle pan,” he would say, “I’ve got one those in storage.”

“At Christmas I’ll be wearing my red Christmas trousers,” he’d tease us with, “once I get them out of storage.”

The storage, however, was far from fake.

We now have a flat full of assorted kitchen items, brightly coloured trousers, sheet music and cricket memorabilia. It’s not that I don’t like having his things here, I love that it now feels like the house belongs to us both, it’s just that you can’t help but come in after a day at work and think you’ve accidentally stepped onto the set of Secret Hoarders.

If I’m honest, I was a little freaked out about it when fake storage day came around. I couldn’t figure it out for a while, and then I realised that I’ve never really lived with someone who has had their own stuff. Sure, they’ve turned up with clothes and the odd salad spinner or something, but not hefty items. No king sized beds or bookcases or golf clubs. I’ve never even had a picture up in my house that wasn’t my own.

In a way though, it feels like a fresh start – a chance to take stock and figure out what stuff is really important to us and how we want our home to look. What better way to be inspired then, and escape the boxes full of DVDs for a happy hour, than with a browse on Pinterest. In fact, I put together a whole Pinterest board for Furniture Village, with all of my ideas for a cosy Autumn bedroom.

Check it out here. It includes pastries.

Autumn interiors

As you can see, it’s more pine cones, less cricket balls, but then Pinterest is all about how your home looks like inside your head – no one lives like this is real life do they?

I’m really loving Autumn at the moment. For one thing I love the transition into Christmas, and being able to eat mince pies for breakfast, but mostly it’s about the colours. Everywhere I look, the colours are just amazing, and not just from tree to tree – we have one tree just around the corner from our house, which I walk past every morning, which has all of the colours. It’s incredible – parts of it are green, while others are a dark rich red, and all the colours in between – just amazing.

autumn leaves

Have you bought any of Autumn inside this season? Do you have any favourite Autumn inspired furniture or accessories?

autumn interiors

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