Happily Ever After Dog Rescue – #CharityTuesday

My featured organisation this week is the Happily Ever After Dog Rescue. If you’re a dog person, this is definitely one to have a read of.

So, what’s the problem?
The rescue holds around 60 dogs, of which around 20 will never be adoptable – someone has just hurt them too much. The rest are adoptable and looking for their forever family.
A number of dogs in the rescue come from Romania, where 3 million stray dogs has resulted in the government using a kill strategy to manage the ‘problem’ – removing the dogs from the streets, putting them in awful public shelters, then killing them using the most inhumane methods.

Mika Romania PS

How does Happily Ever After solve it?
The rescue, founded by Cerian, works with two vets in Romania, Garo and Rudi, and a Norwegian fundraiser, Kristin, to save some of the dogs (the lucky ones) so that they can have their happily ever after firstly at the rescue, in a loving family environment, then with a family of their own. The dogs are physically fixed by Garo and when they are fit to travel, Krisitin fundraises to pay their travel and medical costs – neutering, vaccination and pet passport! Cerian then loves them back to life. 
The rescue works with the philosophy that a dog should have its ‘happily ever after’ no matter where it comes from.

What’s special or unique about how you work?
The rescue recognises that rescuing these dogs is not the long-term solution and works closely with Kristin and Garo to promote the neuter program in Braila, a town 100 miles away from Bucharest. It is hoped that the world will see how this is the only solution to the stray dog problem in Romania and the senseless killing of dogs will be stopped. We also support a campaign ‘A Dog’s Life’, which asks for the EU to implement a legal framework to protect domestic animals all over the EU – you can add your signature HERE.

Can you explain exactly how you make a difference to a dog’s life?
So dogs, they feel exactly what we feel – pain, humiliation, loss of dignity, hurt and being unloved. Imagine that was you … We give some of the most unloved and abused dogs the chance to have their happily ever after with loving families, who treat the dog as an integral part of their family.

Mika post HEADR

OK, I’m convinced. What can I do right now to help?
The rescue relies on cash donations and the kindness of dog lovers. If you want to add a furry animal to your family, please think rescue! There is nothing in the world that feels as good as the love and trust from a rescue dog.

If you able to donate, however small the amount, participate in some of our fundraising activities, foster a dog or sponsor one of our sanctuary dogs please take a look at our website – Happily Ever After Dog Rescue.

You can also donate directly via PayPal to happilyeverafterdogrescue@hotmail.co.uk



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  1. Andrea
    23 October, 2015 / 8:34 pm

    Fantastic stuff and the dog rescue is fantastic. I have a rescue dog from Romania, his name is Harry, he was terrified when he came to me last year in November. He did come to me as a foster dog, however he won my heart and we adopted him. The change in him with love and guidance is amazing :)

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