5 adorable outfits for babies at Melijoe

Back to school time is here once again, didn’t that go quickly? Well maybe it did if you spent the summer travelling round Ireland in a campervan, maybe less so if you spent your holidays like I have before, deciding between another morning of CBeebies or soft play area while silently cursing the rain.

Recently I told you all about the great back to school stuff that Melijoe had on their site for helping your kid look super cool for the start of school. Now I have just spent way too long checking out their gorgeous baby items. (I suppose any time is too long seeing as my youngest is 13). But I wanted to show you some of my favourite pieces so that we can say “oh, oh my god, how cute, aww, lovely” together. And maybe if you actually have a baby, you could buy them and then put up a picture of your baby looking super cute on Instagram, because I can’t. 

Which of these five adorable baby outfits is your favourite?

Billieblush dress

Bunting! Pastel colours! Sequins! This is maybe the cutest baby dress I have ever seen. If I was a baby, I would wear it every day. Actually if they made it in adult size, I would wear it every day now. This super soft dress has a tightend waistband and cuffs to keep your baby snuggly. It also comes in a cardigan, which is just as cute. I would probably wear them together in a bunting dress/cardigan combo.

cute baby clothes

Catimini dress

I love this dress. It’s fancy looking, it’s got a little apple on, what more could you want? The long sleeves and the front and back pleats make this a great outfit for all kinds of occasions, from weddings, to picnics, to just hanging out. It also has a little bunny logo on the sleeve which adds at least 10% extra cute.

cute baby clothes


Paul Smith Junior tee

This is so cool! Not only does it have a rocket design but it is actually glow in the dark. I don’t remember them making things like this when I was little. The long sleeves are perfect for the start of autumn for when it’s getting nippy but your child still refuses to put on any kind of jumper or coat.

cute baby clothes

Jean Bourget dress

If you saw my recent post about my new cushions and the chair that I am in love with, you might know why I picked this dress. If I did have a baby, I would put her on the gorgeous mustard coloured chair in this gorgeous mustard coloured dress and all you’d be able to see where her head and her chubby ankles. As well as the colour I also love the little heart pattern and the flared hem.

cute baby clothes

3 Pommes fur coat

You probably all know about the super glamorous (fake) fur coat that I have. This is like that, but for babies. What 3 month old doesn’t want a stylish fur coat? The little ears on the hood make it absolutely adorable. Definitely a must have for any baby for the winter months.

cute baby clothes

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  1. 7 September, 2015 / 6:24 pm

    oooohhhhh that CataminI dress is too cute! Edith must have one.. Ok, ok, it’s me that needs her to have one x

  2. 7 September, 2015 / 11:55 pm

    So gutted that first one is not a mummy sized jumper :(

  3. 10 September, 2015 / 10:34 pm

    Oh man, the first two are so cute! I feel a shopping spree coming on :)

  4. 12 June, 2017 / 8:16 am

    Wow, that is amazing, I like all colors and material too, I also purchase some personalized baby clothes for my baby, the material of clothes is also good. I like the baby wearing. It’s such a great way to be able to get things done and your baby enjoys the ride. Thanks for sharing.

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