Top tips to help you gamble responsibly online

A lot of people get a bit high and mighty about online gambling, as though you’re out on a park bench every night, swigging from a bottle of cheap gin out of a brown paper bag, but it’s really not like that. With most things, an ‘everything in moderation’ approach works well – I have an online betting account, but I use it responsibly and find it fun. I’ve placed a bet in a casino and everything.

Here are a few top tips then to help you gamble responsibly:

Only bet what you can afford to lose

It seems obvious, but of all the advice I can give, this is the one thing you should remember. You might go for an evening out and spend £100 on dinner and drinks and that’s fine, you choose to spend £100, you have fun, and that’s that. It’s the same with gambling – if you can afford to spend £100, then lucky you, go for it, but don’t bank on winning.

Shop around

There are masses of deals to be had online, so do shop around for the best online casino bonus and offers. Take care to read the small print so you know exactly what you’re signing up for.

Make it about something other than the cash

I have quite a fun way of gambling – if there’s an event coming up that I really don’t want to happen, like the Tories winning a general election, I place a bet on it happening. That way if the worst happens and they do win, I have some cash to compensate and if they don’t win I may have lost my money, but at least I can be happy politically!

Make it social

The classic image of an online gambler is something of a social recluse, so to avoid isolation, how about turning it into a social event? If you have other friends who are interested in the occasional flutter, why not invite them round for the evening so you can enjoy a bit of online gambling fun together?

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