9 great gifts for dads this Father’s Day

fathers day present ideasYes, yes, I know, Father’s Day is about home made cards and breakfast in bed and pictures made of glitter and pasta, but I’ve found that at 37 years old, you can’t get away with a pasta picture in the same way you once could. It seems cheap somehow.

If you’re looking for a gift for Father’s Day and really aren’t interested in novelty golf cufflinks or mugs saying ‘World’s Best Dad’ then look no further, I’ve picked out nine Father’s Day gift ideas for you, suitable for a variety of interests and budgets. If you can’t find something your Dad will like in this list then, quite frankly, you’re doomed. Best stick to the farfalle.

Here are my nine ideas for Father’s Day gifts:

James Bond poster from Spineless Classics – If your Dad fancies himself as a secret agent, then how about this fantastic Casino Royale poster from Spineless Classics? The idea behind the posters is that they contain every single word of the book, in teeny tiny text – pretty cool isn’t it? This James Bond one is definitely one of my favourites:

Father's Day gift ideas

If you like the idea of wall art, you could always think about a canvas print – they’re a great way to make a bold statement without breaking the budget.

Personalised pizza board – I was thinking here of suggesting you cook your Dad a nice dinner on Father’s Day, but how about ordering a pizza instead? Throw away the box, serve it on a gorgeous oak pizza board from The House Name Plate Company, and pretend you made it yourself from scratch. Easy peasy! These pizza boards, which come with a pizza cutter too, can be personalised with a message or name, making them extra special. (Just no ‘World’s Greatest Dad’ personalisations please.)

Father's Day gift ideas


Chocolates – it’s a cliché, but for a good reason, because who doesn’t love a good box of chocolates? You don’t want Dad to think you just stopped off at Tesco on your way to see him though, so splash out on something special. Godiva is one of my favourite chocolatiers and they have some amazing truffles at the moment, plus some with alcohol in if your Dad is partial to a little smackerel of something.

chocolates for fathers day

Wine – I don’t know what it is, but every Dad I know is a red wine drinker. There’s something manly about a good bottle of red wine isn’t there? We gave this one a try – a Kendall Jackson Grand Reserve 2010 Cabernet Sauvignon from The Drink Shop – for research purposes only you understand, and it is was jolly good. If you ask very nicely, (and are over 18 obviously), perhaps your Dad will let you have a little glass?


wine for father's day

Power tools – Is your Dad looking for an excuse to go and hang out in the shed for a bit on Father’s Day? Or maybe you’ve got some shelves your husband has been promising to put up for months and you want to give him a subtle hint? Whatever your motives, he’s not going to turn his nose up at a power tool. I like the cordless drill and screwdriver in one from Ryobi. Who said men can’t multi task?


Remote control helicopter – they may pretend to hanker after a fine cheese or improving book, but all Dads really want for Father’s Day is a remote control helicopter. Fact. Go and ask your Dad now – I bet his face lights up. When I was young these sort of gadgets seemed hugely expensive but they really aren’t at all; the remote control helicopters at Hawkin’s Bazaar start at around the £20 mark. That’s not much to pay for a look of pure joy on your Dad’s face is it?

remote control helicopter

All weather sleeping bag – for Dads who like a bit of adventure, how about an all weather sleeping bag from ? This Vango sleeping bag from e-outdoor has a square shaped bottom and is extra spacious, so is perfect for Dads who like a little more space to fidget around.

Father's Day present ideas

For book worm Dads – My book choice is the debut from Ben Adams, called ‘6 Months to get a Life’. It’s about a guy called Graham who has everything he could want one minute, and the next finds himself separated, living back with his parents, just seeing his kids at weekends. It’s funny, but be careful your Dad doesn’t think you’re hinting at something, especially if he’s called Graham.

book ideas for Fathers Day


And finally… if none of these Father’s Day gift ideas have taken your fancy, how about an experience day instead? You won’t be able to wrap it up but it could be a fantastic way to surprise/terrify your Dad. Into The Blue experience days include everything from steam engine driving to hovercrafting so you’re bound to be able to find something your Dad will love.

And if all else fails, grab a bag of this and dig out your Pritt stick…

Fathers Day gift ideas

Disclosure – we were sent a selection of these items to put to the test for the purposes of inclusion in this guide. All opinions are my own. Image credit – mug: Art2Print/Flickr





  1. 31 May, 2015 / 12:49 am

    Jo, those chocolates look delightful, not sure I could bring myself to hand those over to him so he might have to settle for a RC Helicopter! I’m sure he’d be made up though, just big kids aren’t they, haha.

  2. 1 June, 2015 / 11:59 am

    A terrific list, thank you.

  3. 5 June, 2015 / 3:14 pm

    For a real Father’s Day gift get him a handmade gentlemans pocket knife from sheffield. Just like he used have. Do men get chocolates for Father’s Day.

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