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easter eggs

I’m going to jump right in here and say I don’t believe in God, and don’t therefore believe that at Easter he died on a cross, came back to life, etc etc. If you do believe that then that’s fine, I’m kind of envious really. I’ve always quite fancied having some sort of faith.

However, never one to let a lack of principles stand in my way, (e.g. Christmas fun times), I’m still happy to stuff my face with as many hot cross buns as I can fit in my M&S basket.

Although Belle is 12 now, she still enjoys Easter too and I love waking up with her on Easter morning and watching her hunt for the eggs that the Easter Bunny has hidden around the house. I am eternally grateful to people like the Easter Bunny and Father Christmas; I would ever be organised enough to remember to buy/hide/wrap all of these Easter day gifts uk.

I can still remember how it feels to hunt for eggs as a child, that thrill or moving your eyes across the mantlepiece and doing a double take as you spot an egg behind the carriage clock. I’m not sure if Belle finds it more or less fun now that Bee is a grown up – for me, the competitive element of trying to find them before my sister was always a big part of the excitement.

As well as the Easter Bunny’s eggs, we like to hunt for eggs with our chums too. For the last couple of years we’ve visited my very lovely friend Lucy and hunted for eggs in her garden with her daughters, Ella and Josie. Since last Easter though we have actually moved into their old house, and so this year we will be carrying on the tradition in exactly the same garden, only this time with us as hosts. Belle is being very strict with me, and made it very clear that I need to count how many eggs I hide, as last year she’s sure she found a Creme Egg in a bush in June.

I’ve been on the look out for community egg hunts too, (far less hassle and no washing up), and I may take Belle up to Hestercombe at some point during the holidays. We’ve created our own egg hunts with friends here in the past by walking ahead of the children through the landscape gardens and scattering eggs secretly from our pockets. I’m not sure how environmentally sound this is, but they have pretty sharp eyes so I think it’s OK.

After a good egg hunt, I do love a good hot cross bun. This year we are thinking about making some of our own, to go with the chocolatey Easter breakfast plait that my boyfriend has promised. Belle has actually made hot cross buns before, at a kids’ Easter cookery session she took part in a couple of years ago, so I figure they can’t be too hard. I may attempt Paul Hollywood’s hot cross bun recipe over on the BBC website.

Hot cross buns

I’ve been trying to think up some good Easter games too, to play whilst sticking my head sporadically into a trough of Lindor obviously, and quite like the idea of Easter bingo. I’ve found a lot of free printable Easter bingo games for children online, like this one, and am thinking of swapping counters for Cadbury Mini Eggs – the first to get a full house eats the lot maybe? For grown ups, Wink Bingo have a special Easter promotion running, although these prizes are cash, so you will just have to use the money to buy your own chocolately treats.

Do you have any favourite Easter traditions or ideas for fun things we can do over the Easter holidays?

easter eggs

As part of their Easter promotions, Wink Bingo will be holding a special Easter game at 9pm every night from 3-6 April, each with a £2,000 jackpot.

Photo credits – Nature’s Art and Yulia Von Eisenstein at Shutterstock.

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