REVIEW: Bee tests out a Hudl 2 wireless Bluetooth tablet keyboard case from

This review is from Bee. Enjoy!

I’m sure you all remember my breath-taking review of the Hudl 2 I did recently.

Well as soon as I got it I was hunting around on the web for accessories and a case because I always drop/break/spill something on/loose things basically as soon as I get them.

However the only place I could seem to find any was the official Tesco Hudl accessories page and all of the cases on there were a) not really my style and therefore b) a bit more than I was willing to pay for something I hadn’t really chosen the look of.

Then, as though they had READ MY MIND, asked me if I wanted to review their Hudl 2 wireless Bluetooth tablet keyboard case!

“Yes please!” I said.

This thing is the COOLEST. For starters, it’s a great case made from a posh and important black leathery material which makes me look like I’m doing something businessy on it, e.g. a pie chart. It fits around the Hudl 2 with room to spare so it keeps it safe, even from clumsy fools such as myself.

I’ve never had a case that flips open before because I thought the front part would get in the way all the time but I actually quite like it. You can flip it open dramatically as though you’ve just been sent an important document that you must look over immediately and not at all that you just fancy a go on Kim Kardashian Hollywood. The only thing I wished the case did was automatically lock the Hudl 2 when I close it, like the iPad mini case does. Although I’m pretty sure that’s more to do with the features of the tablet. A girl can dream.

The next cool feature is the stand! I didn’t realise it even turned into a stand to start with so I kept trying to prop it up with things like a tub of instant ice tea or my Wi-Fi router. Then I got the idea to fold the two back parts, which are like flaps, down to meet at the bottom which stuck together to make a little stand which worked perfectly! I was really impressed with myself for over two minutes until I realised that was one of the features it was designed with all along. Duh.

Hudl 2 case and keyboard

The stand is pretty sturdy as I put the tablet on one of those train tables on the back of seats and it didn’t move or fall down for the whole bumpy two and a half hour train ride that I watched Melissa & Joey for.

That’s not all folks! For this case is not only a stand as well but also a keyboard! How amazing is that?! It looks like an ordinary case and then bam – with a couple of folds and slides it’s like a mini laptop! The Optimus Prime of tablet cases!

The ultra-thin keyboard is built right into the case so there isn’t the hassle of having to carry around a separate bit of equipment with you. I found it slightly difficult to use at first because I’m used to my laptop, which is really sensitive to type on and you don’t have to press very hard. The case keyboard is more like buttons than keys so I haven’t got the hang of typing on it super-fast yet but it’s definitely getting easier the more I use it.

Hudl 2 case and keyboard

The keyboard connects to the tablet via Bluetooth. I think this is a great idea but the only problem I have with it is that every time I want to use it I have to pair the two devices up again and put in a new passcode as the Hudl doesn’t recognize the keyboard from previous use. I’m not sure if this is a fault of the Hudl 2 or just a fault of my brain but it would be a lot easier if I could just press the on button and start typing.

All in all I would say that the keyboard case is a must have accessory for anyone with a Hudl 2 or similar size tablet, and at the discounted price of £29.99 this is a bargain for something that easily transforms your tablet into a laptop. Considering the Hudl 2 is so cheap in the first place, it’s definitely worth it to spend a little extra on this awesome case!

Bee was sent this case for the purposes of this review.


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