Belle in pictures

This weekend I am off to Blogfest, a big blogger conference in London, courtesy of my sponsors Coca-Cola. (Thanks Coca-Cola! More on that in another post.) In fact I am in London already at my hotel, (it’s currently Friday afternoon), staring wistfully at the mini bar and writing poems about it for Twitter.

Mini bar haiku

Gin and Fever Tree
Stop whispering so loudly
I will be there soon

What normally happens with things like this is that I forget that I’m going to be handing out my blog business cards to loads of new people and end up with some sort of crappy post about garden sheds or something as the last thing I have published. I arrive at the conference, immediately realise, and feel too embarrassed to even tell anyone who I am.

This time it’s going to be different.

I planned to think up something Extremely Interesting and Important to put here in order to woo potential new readers (*waves to new readers*), but to be honest the gin is whispering so loudly at me that I can hardly think, so instead I am going to post some beautiful pictures of my daughter Belle that I have just found on my laptop.

That should do it.

Slummy single mummy

Slummy single mummy

Slummy single mummy

Slummy single mummy

Slummy single mummyHmm.

That last one is my pet squirrel Dexter. I don’t know how he got there.




  1. 10 November, 2014 / 8:19 am

    Love you photos i remember once having my blog displayed on a screen at an event and my last 2 post were reviews didnt look good!

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