Go pro and make money from your WordPress blog

I get quite a lot of people on Twitter and via email asking for tips to help make their blog look professional and start making them money. Normally this is a Twitter DM that reads something like this:

‘Great to connect! I’ve started blogging but not sure where to start – any tips?’

Hmmm, let’s see, I have 140 characters, what exactly are people expecting here?!

Because clearly 140 characters is not enough to share all my massive blogging knowledge and experience, I’ve put together an online course that I’m offering through my media training company, Inside Scoop. It’s about 80,000 characters long, which is definitely more than you can fit in a tweet.

If you know of anyone who might enjoy this course then please do share this information with them. Cheers!

Go pro and make money from your WordPress blog


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