Give the gift of Post-its this Christmas!

I delivered some training last week to PR agencies and brands to help them engage more creatively with bloggers.* One of my exercises involved giving each group a product that might be thought of by some people as boring, and getting them to come up with some interesting campaign ideas – scouring pads, potatoes, that sort of thing.

One of the products I gave out was a packet of Post-its. The woman I gave them too smiled, her eyes actually lit up. “This isn’t boring!” she said. “I love stationery!”

I feel exactly the same. You are looking here at a woman who goes to Staples for fun. Pens and notebooks for me are a joy, and accessories like paper clips and Post-Its often more so. At this time of the year in fact, Post-Its are invaluable.

I love Christmas and all things festive, particularly the planning and shopping side of things. And the sherry and snacks of course. This basically sums up everything I love about the run up to Christmas:

Festive fun times

What normally happens though is that I end up with piles of torn out magazine pages – recipes I will drool over but never cook, presents no one will ever buy me because I forget to show them the page – scattered around the house. Often when I go back to the page I can’t even remember why I ripped it out in the first page.

This Christmas though is going to be different, thanks to Post-its Index. This year my relaxing catalogue time is going to be ruthlessly efficient. Never again will I go back to a magazine and find that the corner I folder over has disappeared. No longer will my house be covered in a thin layer of torn paper.

This Christmas I am keeping my magazines intact and instead using my super cool Post-its tabs to mark the pages. I’m using different colours for different people so I can go back to my place and easily remember who I had a particular pressie in mind for. Not only are they super useful, but my Post-it Index tabs come in a cool little dispenser that means a new one pops up every time you use one, a bit like the awesome tape dispenser I have that you wear on your hand. (I am really just too cool for school).

I am also marking up the pages of things that I like. I have been told I am difficult to buy for, and although I’m not convinced – (I see things I think are pretty all the time) – I do want to make it as easy as possible for other people.

With that in mind, long live the Post-it.

Post its

*I’m doing it again in Manchester next week if you’re interested.


    • admin
      15 November, 2013 / 3:33 pm

      I don’t know what it is Jen, I wonder if it’s that it gives you the ILLUSION of being organised in the midst of chaos!

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