In a pickle

Fancy spicing up dinner time without having to get dressed up in suspenders and a feather boa?

Of course you do. No one wants feathers in their lasagne.

If you can handle a bit of a kick, get yourself some chilli tomato pickle from Love Pickle. We cracked open the mild version this week with our toad in the hole and although it made my lips burn a little bit, Boyfriend told me I was being a baby, that it was delicious, and not hot at all. This is the man though that would put hot sauce on everything if I let him.

"Love pickle"

Despite the spice, the flavour was fabulous – it’s an authentic Indian recipe, and you can really taste the quality of the ingredients, even if your lips are burning just a teeny weeny bit.

"Love pickle"

Next week I might be brave enough for ‘medium’…


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