REVIEW – Belle gets stylish in ‘Chubby Bird’

I’ve been going to The Baby Shows for work for a couple of years now, and can honestly say that Me&I is a brand that always catches my eye. They are a Swedish company, who produce clothes for both adults and children in a range of funky, eye-catching prints, and as someone whose dress sense has been described many times as ‘colourful’, Me&I have a real appeal.

They operate through a network of agents across the country, who host parties for you in your home. Nice parties though, not the kind where you feel you have to buy something because unless the hostess takes £27,000 of orders she doesn’t qualify for her ‘free’ hostess gift spoon.

When I asked Belle if she’d like a new dress, her first question was “Do I have to review it?”

Oh how cynical! And yet perceptive…

“Yes,” I said, “of course you do.”

She sighed.

“Ok then, if I have to.”

Honestly, you’d think I never bought her clothes the way she carries on.

She looked far less put upon though when her dress arrived. I chose the ‘Chubby Bird’ print because, well, because it was called ‘Chubby Bird’ obviously, and I thought it was cute. Always keen to add her personal touch to an outfit, Belle set about accessorising furiously. “Look!” she said when her outfit was complete, “I look like Nancy Drew!”

kids chubby bird print dress

Being quite small for her age, Belle’s dress was plenty long enough to wear on its own, but as she gets taller it could work well as more of a tunic with leggings underneath, as there was plenty of growing room width wise, and the fabric had a nice little stretch in it.

We went and found Bee in the kitchen. “Wow!” said Bee. “You look like Nancy Drew!”

We tried some more photographs, this time going for a ‘girl detective looking into the distance thinking about a recent crime’ feel, so as to avoid Belle having to look at the camera.

kids chubby bird print dressIn lieu of having a mystery to solve, we went instead for a walk to St Werburgh’s city farm where, after a quick look at the pigs, we settled into the cafe. With an outfit like that Belle was definitely a lady who lunched.

P.S. If you think Belle looks pretty cute, you might want to vote for us in the ‘style’ category in the Brilliance in Blogging awards.

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  1. HELEN
    28 March, 2012 / 8:34 am

    I love that print…not sure about the name though! Belle looks lovely in it – she would get my vote ;-)

    • 29 March, 2012 / 12:29 pm

      Really? The name was my best bit :-)

  2. 28 March, 2012 / 9:09 am

    I think she looks very stylish. May one vote more than once? I voted the other day.

    • 29 March, 2012 / 12:29 pm

      I’m not sure Brian. You could try again and see what happens?

  3. 1 April, 2012 / 11:30 pm

    Very cute! Bought munchkin the same print – nice to see it looking so funky and fantastic on your little one. :-)

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