In service training days

Yesterday I made a classic slummy mummy error.

After over a fortnight of being at home with children I was looking forward to having six hours a day again to call my own, and as we drove up to school I was planning in my head all the things I was going to do during the day in my lovely, peaceful, empty house. I found somewhere to park easily. Too easily. Where were all the cars?

I spotted another mum, kids in tow, and was briefly reassured, until I noticed that she too was looking around nervously. We both eyed the locked gates suspiciously.

In service training day. Crap.

Back at home, after a little cry and some deep breathing, I resigned myself to one more day of childcare, and did my best to focus on work. I can’t really complain. Belle was no trouble at all, and fortunately I work from home (until next week…), so it wasn’t like I was stranded with a baby and an office to go to or anything, but still. You ration your patience over the holidays, you get yourself prepared for them going back, and then when they don’t, it’s hard.

Today though, I woke up knowing I had at least two days now where I could be by myself before wedding and bank holiday festivities. On our way to school we bumped into another mum, on her way to work. She stopped and looked confused.

“You do know they’re not at school today don’t you?” she said, giving me a slightly pitying look.

My face must have visibly fallen.

“Really?” I whined, like a petulant child.

“Yes, they’ve got all three days off this week. They’re back on May 3rd.”

May f***ing 3rd?? I screamed. Inside my head fortunately. “Yessss!” said Belle, jumping up and down excitedly, pointing at me mockingly. “She got it wrong yesterday too!”

Yes, thanks for that Belle. May 3rd. Excellent. I can maintain my sanity until then I’m sure.


How did I not know this? I like to joke about my incompetence as a mother, but in reality I thought I was at least partly on the ball. Apparently not…



  1. Lisbeth
    27 April, 2011 / 8:26 am

    That’s GRIM. Schools like this are SO INCONSIDERATE of working parents. Poor you. :(

    • 27 April, 2011 / 8:46 am

      Tbh I think having any school holidays at all is inconsiderate. How are parents supposed to hold down jobs when there are 13 weeks holiday a year?? That’s not even enough annual leave between TWO parents…

  2. 27 April, 2011 / 8:37 am

    oh crap.. just what you need…!!

    • 27 April, 2011 / 8:46 am

      Yeah, not ideal! I think I need to go and put the kettle on and stop feeling sorry for myself.

  3. 27 April, 2011 / 8:42 am

    Speaking seriously, why didn’t you know ? Did the school not inform you ? Did Belle not inform you ? Surely the schools have some responsibility to inform parents of these things ?

    • 27 April, 2011 / 8:45 am

      Well, 99% of the other parents seemed to know, so I’m assuming we had a letter or something. It must just be me being crap :-(

  4. Vicky Nunes
    27 April, 2011 / 9:15 am

    Oh Lord… that is harsh. The very best of luck to you.
    Thankfully I sent my older one back yesterday and the little one off to the in-laws – so I can work (and so I stand a chance of staying sane after two weeks of them talking AT me)

  5. Nicky Richards
    27 April, 2011 / 10:12 am

    OMG!! This was so funny! Poor you.
    Seriously, I can’t believe the school would have three days in a row off after the Easter hols, that’s so bad. And you not knowing for two days in a row has cheered me up no end! Thanks mate. x

  6. 27 April, 2011 / 11:02 am

    URGH. Ours are in for just two days this week. Part of me wonders what’s the point, but then again… just having two days of sanity is worth it! Just gotta keep going till next week… *hyperventilates*

  7. 27 April, 2011 / 11:08 am

    Oh Jo, that’s so funny. But Belle’s school must be havin a larf! I mean come on! They could manage a three day week couldn’t they??? My Madeleine is back to school today, not that I’m gloating or nothing!

  8. 27 April, 2011 / 11:12 am

    Oops I got that wrong, she went back yesterday! Don’t get me started on letters! I hunted high and low for a letter about swimming and the dreaded swiming cap “I’m just not going mum, I am not!” before school went back and then found it in her bag as we were leaving the house. A trip to Argos for an acceptable swimming cap and rushed back to school…. how’s that for disorganised? Make you feel better?

  9. Michelle
    27 April, 2011 / 2:14 pm

    oh dear! my two went back yesterday thankfully, the local mental hospital was starting to look very inviting! However I still have a 6 month old at home whom has a liking for starting her day at 4am everyday. When she finally has everyone up out of bed (about 7am, they are all masters of the deep sleep I so long for)) she smiles soo sweetly and promply goes back to sleep. Grandma keeps asking if there are any teeth through yet, TEETH!?!? Im looking for the two red horns!! Your posts do crack me up though!

  10. 27 April, 2011 / 10:31 pm

    Oh dear, roll on May 3rd! Thankfully mine went back today.

    Mich x

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