April showers bring the…er…raincoats?

Trying to sell you raincoats in the midst of an unseasonable April heat wave might seem a little foolish, but hey, I always like a challenge. It’s much like trying to get Belle out of bed for school in the morning – difficult, but not impossible, and very satisfying if you do manage it.

If you clicked on the link last week to my creativity feature in Inspired Times magazine, which I’m sure all of you did*, you’ll have read about my friend Sally. I met Sally on a writing retreat in 2009, where we bonded over our shared hands-off parenting style and, although we didn’t realise until later, a mutual crush on one of our tutors.

Since then we’ve become very good friends, so much so that last summer I dragged my kids across the country to stay with Sally and her family in their beautiful cottage in Cambridge. At the time, Sally was very excited about her new business – the Cambridge Raincoat Company – which was in its early stages, and between lounging around her house eating, drinking and generally making myself at home I was allowed to cast my eye over fabric swatches and coat samples. All very exciting.

Several months of ridiculously hard work later, Sally’s business is up and running, with a really gorgeous range of raincoats, designed by a Saville Row tailor, to make cycling for women not just practical, but also uber-stylish, the traditional options being either to turn up at work soaking wet or in flourescent yellow trousers. Neither are a good look.

Here are some of them. They are rather swanky, and it doesn’t hurt that Sally’s daughter Isabelle makes a rather stunning model:

Nice aren’t they?

And that’s it as far as the hard sell goes. All I really wanted to say was how fantastic, determined, creative and inspiring I think Sally is, and how proud I am to call such an amazing woman my friend.

And of course if you’re ever looking for a stylish yet practical raincoat, well, you know where to go.

*No? You didn’t read it? I’m stunned.

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  1. 26 April, 2011 / 8:13 pm

    They are adorable!! I’m still hoping for sun here…

  2. 26 April, 2011 / 8:35 pm

    Your title made me chuckle because I too have been thinking of a new version of the saying. Here in Vancouver, the saying should be “April showers bring May… showers.” If you’ve ever been to Vancouver, you will understand why. More and more showers with little sign of it stopping.

    Wish I had one of your raincoats to keep me dry!

  3. 26 April, 2011 / 8:55 pm

    pmsl at comment about yellow fluorescent trousers…..yep they are in my panniers, shame coats don’t go up to my size ( but my size is shrinking so who knows by next winter maybe they will).
    very nice if I do say so

  4. Mr T. Hill
    27 April, 2011 / 7:45 am

    They look really nice, what an excellent idea. Any plans for a mens version? Like a waterproof Epsom?

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  6. 6 October, 2011 / 11:34 am

    I love everything about these adorable coats but for the sizing…well the price is a little steep but hey, it is a thing of beauty. but…I need a bigger thing of beauty. rather hoping they extend their sizing range for the slightly more buxom among us.

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