I’ve been sleeping on my new Simba Hybrid mattress for over a week now. (Night times only, not non stop.)

Simba mattress discount code

I love it, and even better, you can love to it! Use my link to claim your Simba discount code for £50 off, plus I’ll earn a little bit of extra cash too. Everyone’s a winner!

So, the mattress…

I’ll be totally honest – I was expecting NOT to love it. In fact, so sure was I that I would want my old mattress back, that I didn’t take advantage of their ‘we’ll take your old mattress away’ offer, and now I have a double mattress in my spare room to somehow get to the tip in my Renault Clio.


My scepticism was nothing to do with Simba, it was just that I really did love my old mattress. I’ve had mild back issues since a car accident years ago and I’ve never found a mattress that I like as much, even in fancy hotels where they claim to have amazing beds. I tried to think about it logically though – my old mattress is at least seven years old, and has been through two house moves, so how long exactly was it going to go on being comfortable? Also, having recently separated, a new mattress felt like quite a cleansing thing. Fresh mattress, fresh start and all that.

Plus I was offered a Simba discount code to pass on to you, so I thought it would be the nice thing to do.

So I took the plunge and said yes to testing the Simba Hybrid mattress. View Post

Recently I wrote a little post about HotUKDeals, a website with a community of deal seekers, who help each other find the best bargains, on and offline. If you didn’t read it, go and have a look at how I saved £527 on my Christmas shopping.

HotUKDeals is the UK’s biggest deal-sharing community where millions of consumers find, rate and share deals so that you don’t have to do the leg work, trawling the internet for bargains. The voting system on HotUKDeals makes it ideal for Black Friday deals, as you can see at a glance if something is worth investigating – the hotter the deal, the better the offer. You can also set keyword alerts via the website and free app, so all the deals relating to matching items, such as Xbox or LEGO, come straight to your phone or email.

Today though, with the infamous Black Friday fast approaching, HotUKDeals members have put together some tips for us, to help you grab some great deals. Some of them are pretty extreme – I’m not sure I’ll be staying up all night in the name of a discount – but if you want to be top of the bargain tree then these tips should help.


HotUKDeals has very kindly given me a whopping £250 Amazon voucher to give away! HOW COOL? Have a read of the post and then I’ll tell you how you can enter for a chance to win an Amazon shopping spree.

Black Friday tips

So first up, here are 14 tips from HotUKDeals members to help you get the best Black Friday deals: View Post

In association with Sugru

Belle is a big fan of crafts. Whereas I might decide I need some kind of storage solution and immediately order it from Amazon, Belle will take the time to think up an ingenious homemade solution, probably inspired by an Instagram video.

She’s made some really cool stuff recently, including ombre make up brush jars out of old baked bean tins and leftover paint and a very clever makeup storage board using Velcro, with spaces for each of her eyeshadow palettes.

When Sugru asked if I wanted to have a go at a craft activity using their new family-safe, skin-friendly formula, my first thought was ‘I’m definitely going to get Belle to do that…’

For ages she has wanted to make one of those things where you fix mason jars to a bit of wood with hose clamps. I bought some bits for it but to be quite honest I had absolutely no idea how you go about fitting a hose clamp together. I ended up with a length of metal in one hand and a clip thing in the other, staring at both in a baffled way, like an old lady looking at a Sky remote.

Cue the Sugru!

Sugru is, as Mr Shev so nicely summed up on Twitter, amazing stuff:

Imagine getting some plasticine, moulding it into whatever shape you want, and it setting into a super strong but flexible rubber. Or imagine you need to stick something to something else, but you want to use a material that’s easy to use, simple to remove, and brightly coloured too.

That’s Sugru.

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Although the general vibe of my house is cosy and colourful, since I had the wardrobes fitted and had to clear the entire contents of the room, my bedroom has been decidedly minimalist.

You might remember I shared some pictures after I’d done a little makeover and all I had was my newly spray painted pink bed, a rose gold coloured floor lamp and a plain, white bedside table. (Check out the post if you want a nose.)

Not a huge amount has changed, although I do now have a matching bedside table on the other side, complete with Swiss cheese plant. I love the architectural style of these, and feel like they’re perfect for adding a soft touch whilst keeping that sparse style.

Apart from that, I’m still open to ideas.

Essentially I don’t think I want to add too much at all as I love how clean and tranquil it feels. I want the bedroom to be an escape from the physical and emotional clutter of day to day life – somewhere clean and clear and beautiful.

white bedroom makeover tips

I love fresh flowers in the room, for a little injection of colour and a connection with the outside world, so this is something I want to incorporate. View Post

What’s the first thing you do when you wake up?

Have a little stretch maybe, check to see how many people have liked that picture of some wisteria that you posted on Instagram just before bed, get up and make a cup of tea – all totally normal things to do, but all things we take for granted.

Generally I would say that I’m a very optimistic, motivated kind of person. You have to be I think to run your own business – you need to be on the ball and prepared to manage your time well, to keep yourself going no matter what. But there have also been periods in my life when I’ve not felt so great.

About three years ago I went through a particularly difficult time. I’d had a relationship break down, work was very busy and I had just moved house, to a new town. I started experiencing horrible anxiety, which I’d never had before. I’ve had short periods of being depressed, but the anxiety was new and I did NOT like it. For several months even doing the most basic of things felt really scary.

I would wake up every morning really early – at about 5am – and immediately feel terrified. I didn’t really know what OF, but I could feel the adrenaline pumping and over and over in my head I was saying ‘I don’t know what to do, how will I cope? I can’t cope.’ I’m sure this is more common for a lot of people than we like to believe, but I think the fact that it was so out of character for me made it worse – I had no coping mechanisms and no idea of what to do to make myself feel better, or even if I ever WOULD feel better.

I remember one morning lying in bed, crying, thinking I would go downstairs to make a cup of tea. That’s a simple enough thing to do isn’t it? Except it wasn’t. I managed to get to the kitchen and switch on the kettle, but I couldn’t stop crying and just couldn’t see how I would be able to make the cup of tea without something terrible happening. Because something terrible WAS going to happen, I was sure. Looking back I can’t even quite describe it – it seems such a simple thing not to be able to do – and yet I just couldn’t. I went back upstairs, still crying. I couldn’t even make a cup of tea. What was I going to do? How would I ever be able to work?

Just BEING felt overwhelming. View Post