Unlock the Potential: Renovating Your Roof for a Stunning Home Transformation

The roof of your home is a vital component of its structure, weather tightness and energy efficiency. Keeping an eye on the condition of your roof will allow you to step in if there are any issues while renovating your roof can also transform your home’s look and feel.

Tackling a Tiled Roof

Renovating your roof tiles doesn’t necessarily mean replacing them unless of course they are damaged. If the tiles are still intact and functioning as they should then they can be left in place. If you suspect a leak, check your loft space for water coming in. It’s also a good idea to go out on a rainy day to check that your guttering is working as it should.

Sometimes a clean is all your tiles need to revive them particularly if they are covered in moss, algae, lichen, dirt and debris. This cleaning should be done by a professional and DIY is not recommended. Any work on a roof should be done from scaffolding or a proper roof ladder as walking on roofs will damage the tiles and is dangerous.

Solving Slate Roof Problems

Slate roofs are beautiful and enhance any property with their sleek good looks. However, slate is a natural material and can suffer damage and deterioration like any other roofing material. Over time the corrosion of the nails that fix the slates to the roof battens can cause the slates to slip. The battens can then get wet and rot so a renovation may be needed.

Slate roof costs will vary depending on whether you are using Welsh or Spanish slate, the latter being much cheaper. The size of your roof will also influence the cost but a professionally refurbished slate roof is stunning and will last for many decades.

Fixing a Flat Roof

Unfortunately, flat roofs are particularly prone to deterioration and damage, particularly if they are not regularly maintained. Luckily renovating a flat roof is not difficult for a flat roof specialist. It’s important to consult a professional as if more than half of your flat roof needs to be replaced it has to meet specific Building Regulations relating to its thermal performance.

There are many different materials that you can use to transform the look of your flat roof. EPDM is a popular choice and can last for between 40-50 years, although it is one of the more expensive choices. Green roofs are an eco-friendly option and look beautiful.

Transforming Your Thatched Roof

Homes with thatched roofs are quintessentially English and have a wonderfully traditional feel with the buildings often being hundreds of years old. So when it comes to renovating thatch it’s not surprising that you will need a specialist roofer.

The ridge of a thatched roof is an area that most often requires attention as it has a much shorter lifespan than other areas of the roof. A thatcher will strip and rethatch the roof often using locally sourced materials. As most thatched roof homes are listed buildings there are a lot of regulations and requirements to adhere to so it’s important to speak to your local authority before carrying out any work.

Mending a Metal Roof

Metal roofs for domestic properties have become very popular in recent years not least for their durability, longevity and low maintenance. Of course, aesthetics play an important role in choosing a metal roof with zinc being a hot favourite for extensions, new builds and renovations.

Despite their resilience, a metal roof can experience issues, particularly with the continuous expansion and contraction caused by changing temperatures during the year. Exposure to the elements and pollution can also have a negative effect. Renovating a metal roof can give your home a whole new look and ensure it is weatherproof and looks great for years to come.


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