How to sell feet pics in the UK

The foot pic industry is booming all around the world. From housewives and school teachers to college students and retirees, it seems like everyone is getting in on this lucrative, rewarding, and exciting money-making opportunity. But two countries reign supreme when it comes to buying and selling foot pics – the US and the UK.

Although many of the marketing and selling approaches are the same, the two industries differ slightly. Knowing how to sell feet pics in the UK means understanding the British market, the rules and regulations surrounding selling feet pics, and which niches and categories perform best.

So hang onto your knickers (as the Brits would say), and let’s deep dive into how the foot pic industry operates in the UK and uncover how to sell feet pics in the UK successfully.

How to Sell Feet Pics in the UK

The basic premise of selling feet pics in the UK is the same as anywhere else in the world. Sellers create and post high-quality foot pics in various categories and niches and at different price points. These are posted on either a foot pic platform like, on social media, OnlyFans, or a personal website. Each of these outlets has its own benefits but trusted foot pic websites offer more security, access to a targeted audience of foot lovers, and more sales opportunities. 

Most platforms require sellers to provide their names, ages, locations, gender, and other specifications. You can create a profile and bio, upload photos of yourself and your feet, and choose a subscription plan to utilize all of the website’s tools and features. Some websites charge more than others, so it’s best to check these rates, fees, and commissions (OnlyFans and FeetFinder both keep a 20% commission on all sales), before committing. 

Buyers can browse foot content on various platforms by seller name, category, and niche. Some popular categories include high-heel foot pics, dirty feet pics, foot worship, and dancer’s feet. Hashtags, descriptions, and targeted keywords make it easier for buyers to find relevant content and make a purchase. Most foot pics sell for between $5 and $15 apiece or £4-12 in the UK. Some websites support photo collections or packages that earn sellers more money and offer buyers a discount. Once a selection is made, the buyer can download the content, and the seller receives payment.

Again, the best platforms for selling feet pics in the UK are reputable and well-established websites that offer a secure payment system. If you plan to sell feet pics independently, consider using a trusted payment method like CashApp, Venmo, PayPal, or Apple Pay. 

Selling Feet Pics in the UK vs. in the US

Now that you know the basics of how to sell feet pics in the UK, let’s discuss the differences (if there are any) between the foot pic industry in the UK and the booming American market. Knowing these slight nuances could be the difference between making or losing money in the foot pic industry. 

Is selling feet pics in the UK legal?

Yes! Similar to selling feet pics in the US and other countries around the world, this practice is completely legal as long as both parties are at least 18 years old. Selling fetish or what might be considered “adult content” to a minor could get both the seller and buyer in serious legal trouble. 

Even if you reside in the UK, where selling feet pics is legal, make sure the person you’re selling to lives in an area where this practice is also widely accepted. All materials sold in the UK must follow the classified standards of selling suggestive content, pornography, or content containing nudity. 

Paying taxes in the UK on your foot pic sales

Another way to ensure you remain compliant and in good standing with the local government and the HMRC (His Majesty’s Revenue and Customs)  is to understand the UK’s tax laws and requirements for foot pic sellers. These rules apply to all independent contractors, freelancers, and those who are self-employed. Because an employer or business isn’t collecting taxes from your income using a W2 or P60 form, it’s your responsibility and requirement to pay these fees on your own. 

In the UK, this is known as a self-assessment tax return. The best way to remain compliant is to keep detailed records of every sale, including the buyer’s name and contact information, the date of the transaction, the amount of money collected, and the payment method used. These records will come in handy if your foot pic business is ever audited and when it comes time to list your deductions and explore any eligible tax credits. 

The percentage you pay the HMRC depends on how much you make in foot pic sales. For example, if you earn anywhere between £12,571–50,270 in a single year, you’ll owe 20% of your total income. Sellers that bring in between £50,271–150,000 per year may have to pay as much as 40% of their total earnings. If you’re new to this process, consult with a certified personal accountant (CPA) for guidance.

Knowing what foot pics sell best in the UK

Selling feet pics online is the same as selling other products and services. You must identify your target market and create content that meets their needs and demands. The best way to do this when figuring out how to sell feet pics in the UK is by researching what foot content is trending and which categories perform best. While some of these categories and niches are specific to the UK, here are a few foot pic ideas that could earn you a big payday in 2023.

  • Natural foot pics
  • Themed foot pics (i.e., holidays, seasons, cultural events)
  • Outdoor foot pics
  • Foot pics with props (jewelry, shoes, flowers, seashells, etc.)
  • Foot pics focused on one area or characteristic (i.e., high arches, long toes)
  • Nail art foot pics

Check out what other UK foot pic content creators are doing, which of their photos sell best and for the most money, and try to replicate these in your own unique way. 

The best UK payment methods for selling feet pics

If you’re selling feet pics in the UK on a trusted foot pic platform, you don’t have to worry too much about choosing a payment method. Most websites have their own systems in place and offer safe and secure transactions. However, if you plan to sell feet pics on social media, a personal website, or any other independent platform in the UK, you’ll need to secure your own payment method. (PS – some foot pic websites on this list only facilitate the meet-up between buyers and sellers but require all sales to be completed outside the platform. In this case, you’ll also need to choose your own payment method.)

Some of the UK’s most reputable and trusted payment systems include PayPal Zettle, Skrill, TransferGo, and SumUp. Research the fees associated with these systems, plus their guidelines and restrictions regarding adult content. Some payment apps like PayPal have strict rules against selling adult-related or fetish content. If you’re caught selling feet pics and accepting money via PayPal, you risk having your account suspended and your funds frozen.

The Best Places to Sell Feet Pics in the UK

If you want to know how to sell feet pics in the UK, choosing the right outlet is one of the most important steps. From dedicated foot pic websites to social media and artistic apps, here are some of the best places to sell your foot content in the UK.

Foot Pic Platforms

This is by far the best option if you want an all-inclusive, user-friendly place to sell your foot content. Foot pic websites and marketplaces like FunwithFeet are safe places for foot lovers to meet, connect, and negotiate a price for high-quality content. Foot pic websites have navigation menus designed for listing and promoting foot pics, categories for organizing your work, secure transactions and payments, and chat features for buyers and sellers to discuss special requests and orders. Foot pic websites also attract a specific audience of foot lovers, enthusiasts, and like-minded individuals, increasing your visibility without adding to your marketing budget. 

Stock Photo Websites

If you prefer more traditional or basic foot pics, consider selling your work on stock photo websites. Platforms like Shutterstock, Adobe, Dreamstime, and Depositphotos accept submissions from foot content creators worldwide – including the UK! Every stock photo site has a different pricing and payment structure, so find the one that best fits your needs and budget. Remember that most stock photo websites err on the side of caution and only accept G-rated foot pics. So, if kinkier content is your preference, this may not be the best choice. 

Creative Apps 

Artists and creative minds make up a decent portion of the foot fetish community. And they’re not all photographers. While plenty of foot pics are created by talented photographers, others are inspired by sculptures, sketch artists, musicians, jewelry makers, and other creators who express themselves through their foot pics.

Apps and websites like Etsy and Foap are designed for talented artists to showcase and sell their work. It’s important to remember that these sources are vast outlets for myriad works of art, so you need to tag and label your foot pics correctly and add the appropriate hashtags and keywords to get noticed. Both Etsy and Foap also keep a commission on all member sales – 5% for sales on Etsy and a hefty 50% commission on Foap. 

Social Media

Selling feet pics on social media isn’t always safe. There’s little protection against scammers and con artists; all transactions are between you and the buyer, and you must protect yourself, your money, and your content. Even though social media may not be the best option for selling your feet pics, it’s an invaluable resource for promoting your work. Use different social media platforms to post free samples of your feet pics and teasers. Direct interest buyers to your foot pic sales page by placing a link in your bio. Engage with your biggest fans by replying to their comments and DMs, hosting livestreams, and posting reels. Foot pic sellers with a healthy social media following tend to make more money than those without any social media presence. 

Tips for Selling Feet Pics in the UK

Once you learn the ins and outs of the UK foot pic industry and where to sell your feet pics, you can start creating a winning business plan that lands you the most sales and the biggest paydays.

Understand the Foot Pic Market

To become a successful foot content creator in the UK, you need to stay up to date on current foot pic trends. The best way to achieve this is by joining online groups, forums, and communities dedicated to foot pics and foot fetishes. Find out what topics are trending, what people are talking about, and what the subject of the conversations are. Then, comment, interact, ask and answer questions, and offer advice. You’d be surprised how much you can learn through these free, interactive platforms.

Consider Your Customer Base

While there are plenty of foot fetishists out there in the market for high-quality foot pics, these individuals aren’t your only potential customers. Knowing what types of people buy foot pics can help guide your content creation and may increase your sales.

In addition to foot fetishists and lovers, here’s a short list of other potential buyers and customers.

  • Stock photo websites 
  • Artists 
  • Product development companies
  • Advertising and marketing professionals 

Treat It Like a Business

With so many people selling feet pics in the UK and worldwide, it seems like an easy way to make money. And while it can be, it still takes hard work, dedication, and consistency. Taking a few foot pics on your smartphone and throwing them on your social media feed won’t result in consistent foot pic sales or the passive income you’re hoping for. You need to treat your foot pic sales with the same care, attention to detail, and strong work ethic as you would any other job or career.

Create a schedule for taking and editing your foot content. Then, choose how often you’ll post new content and on which platforms. Take time to engage with potential clients, respond to inquiries and questions, and address all notifications and messages. This helps build a positive reputation among your loyal followers and may lead to more sales and repeat customers. Social media is also a great tool for this. 

Build a Diverse Portfolio

Selling feet pics is about both quality and quantity. The more diverse your portfolio is, the broader an audience you’ll attract. Try to switch things up with traditional and classic barefoot foot pics paired with high heel pics, dirty feet pics, and more edgy foot pics that appeal to fetishists and kinksters. You should also have plenty of content to choose from. Most foot pic websites support both photos and videos. Upload a healthy mix of both, and make sure your content remains fresh, relevant, and updated. 

Protect Yourself

Your first line of offense against foot pic scammers and online hackers is a strong defense. Start by only dealing with reputable platforms that verify their buyer’s identities and intentions. Never share personal information or details via chat. If a potential buyer starts asking personal questions about your identity, location, or banking credentials, it could be a red flag that they’re up to no good. You can also try selling feet pics anonymously. This is a great way to protect your identity and keep your foot pic side hustle a secret. 

Learn How to Sell Feet Pics in the UK

Selling feet pics in the UK isn’t much different than selling in other countries. As long as you adhere to the region’s laws and regulations regarding legally selling content and protect yourself against scammers or underage buyers posing as adults, you can enjoy all the rewards and benefits of this lucrative online business venture. Now, all that’s left to do is create your seller profile and take high-quality foot pics that captivate and satisfy your biggest fans. 


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