Why Women Are Preferred as Dealers in Live Online Casinos?

Live gambling has transformed the entire iGaming industry! People can now enjoy a more realistic gambling experience from the comfort of their rooms. They can feel like playing roulette, poker or blackjack somewhere in Las Vegas. The opportunity to gamble in real-time isn’t the only thing players appreciate. They are also satisfied with the professionalism and kindness of live dealers. The question we have for you is – did you notice that most live dealers are women?

You can do the research on your own and see that our statement is correct. However, why do casinos decide on that move? Isn’t gambling a “man” activity? There are some of the answers we would like to analyze on this page. So, let’s go!

People in Canada Prefer Ladies as Live Dealers

The task of every casino is to ensure the most comfortable live casino experience for each player. That obligation starts from the first moment any person reaches the official website of the casino brand. For starters, they have the top live dealer casino bonus offers like those you can find on OnlineCasinoBonus.ca and allow people to research the offering on the website. That’s something customers have always required!

However, the obligation of the casino does not stop there. Players also need to feel nice when they reach live casino section. The first thing they want to see is the diversity of quality live casino games. When they find the most suitable one, they expect to get kind, beautiful, charming, and professional assistance from live dealers. That’s exactly what they can get from ladies employed by casinos! If they are properly trained, they can make the atmosphere more positive when smiling, talking about different topics with players and so on. Under those conditions, gambling itself is not the only important thing for the player. That’s why such a requirement does not surprise us at all.

Better Communication

According to Eileenwynnephd.com, women are considered to be more skilled in communication skills than men. They know how to show empathy, are more creative in starting new topics and so on. Interpersonal communication, which is essential for a good gambling experience, is one of the main reasons why casinos hire women for this job position. Enter any live casino game, and you will see how communicative they can be. They mostly won’t even discuss the gambling games themselves; instead, they will try to talk with people about different topics such as favorite movies, places to travel and so on. They usually read messages written by players on live chat and discuss them.

Market Availability

It is a fact that not so many men want to work as live dealers. In other words, we can say there is a mutual desire for this job position. You can compare that with some other industries, such as fashion, skincare and similar ones. Most men are not willing to participate in that industry, right?

Live dealers must be charming, interesting, silly and cute. Men usually do not want to participate in the industries that have such requirements. More precisely, it is not in their nature to charm others and be cute, especially when they know most of the people following them are the same gender. That’s exactly the reason why more ladies are available on the market for casino jobs like this one.

Female Live Dealers Look More Trustworthy

Trustworthiness is one of the main things important in the gambling world. Players want to be sure that the live casino they register on is safe and legitimate. That’s why they only gamble at licensed casino sites in Canada. Yet, they also need additional confirmation that they are not going to become the victim of any scam. It seems that ladies working as live dealers give them what they are looking for!

For some reason, female dealers look more trustworthy. There is not quite a good explanation we can give on this. Generally speaking, it is known that they are not too much into gambling. Also, as we already said, women tend to be more empathic and honest. Players somehow feel these emotions, and they do feel that ladies really feel bad when players miss the number or don’t get good cards. That environment of mutual trust is something online casinos want to ensure, which is another reason why online casinos decide to hire women as live dealers.

Gives a More Luxurious Vibe

Yes, we do know that this subheading seems a bit confusing. How can ladies make live online gambling more luxurious? There is actually a pretty simple question. People who have been at the biggest casinos in Macau, Las Vegas or anywhere else know that most dealers working there are ladies as well. Traditional casinos hire them for the same reasons as online casinos.

Their purpose in online casinos is to make the already-realistic atmosphere even better. People gambling online will really feel like they are in some of the well-known casinos in the world. They don’t have to spend money and time on traveling there when such an opportunity is available at home. They will gamble with real money, play some of the best roulettes in the world, and have female live dealers to host them. At the same time, customers are satisfied, and online casinos boost their reputation and ensure good word-of-mouth promotion.

Gambling Is Connected with Beauty, Style, and Femininity

Believe it or not, stereotypes are one of the reasons why most live dealers are male. The gambling stereotype is simple – everything must be highly social, entertaining and glamorous. More precisely, these are the reasons why most people even decide to open an account at any online casino. Anyway, all these factors are somehow connected with beauty and femininity. You will notice that all female live dealers are charming, beautiful, glamorous and classy. Men can also be live dealers, but the majority of them do not have an “X factor” that makes them completely suitable for this job position.


We doubt the trend will change in the near future. Casinos will probably continue to hire ladies for the live dealer job position because of the skills they are naturally better at. They are more communicative, know how to show empathy, and they are all beautiful and charming. Also, they are clever enough to make the live gambling atmosphere more entertaining. Are you ready to test and confirm everything we said is correct?

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