Terrible Twos: 5 renovation ideas for the toddler stage

So you’ve done it. You’ve got past those first two years with your baby, and you’ve succeeded! Your baby is healthy, they’re happy, and at no stage did they bypass any of the baby proofing you had installed into your home – although, we’re sure that wasn’t for lack of trying! But now you’ve got another issue. Your baby has legs, and they’re about to use them.

That’s right, once your baby learns to walk, then that’s going to open up a whole new world of possibilities – and ways for them to hurt themselves! This is why we think it’s a good idea that you roll your sleeves up, pick out some “DIY clothes”, and get to work with the second stage of babyproofing: The Terrible Two Stage!

Below, we’ve listed out five of the most pressing things for you to think about when it comes to your home, as well as a few tips on how to turn any dangerous designs into something two-year-old-friendly:

Replacing Your Internal Doors

The first thing we would suggest is to go through the whole house and test out the doors. A lot of old internal doors are heavier, which means that they fall back after opening, rather than staying ajar. This is very dangerous where toddlers are concerned, as they can easily get their fingers trapped. In this way, it can be a good idea to replace your old doors with modern internal doors that will not only be more suitable but look a bit better too!

Reflooring Your Living Spaces

You should also take a look at your living spaces and check out the flooring. For instance, if you have vinyl flooring in the lounge or kitchen, then it might be more slippery than other flooring options. When toddlers walk, they don’t tend to do it carefully. If they’re up, they’re up, and they’re moving fast! With baby onesies in mind, it’s important to make sure the floors are ready for them and won’t lead to an accident.

Bathroom Renovation

The best thing about having a newborn is being able to wash them in a baby tub, which is easy, practical, and creates a little mess. But sadly they grow out of this tub, and they soon grow out of the kitchen sink too! Even at two years old, your baby might be too big for both of these cleaning techniques, which means they will need to become a new member of the bathroom. Now this one isn’t so much of a necessity, but if there are repairs or changes that need doing, then it’s best to do them now, as your child will need to stay clean and have full access to this room in the future.

More Safety Latches

You can never have too many safety latches! If your baby is fast becoming a toddler, then their curiosity is only going up and up. This means more open cabinets, open drawers – anything that can open, and your two-year-old will try to open it! Go around the house again, check what doesn’t have a safety latch, decide what needs a safety latch, and then install it. Not so much a renovation, granted, but super important if you want to keep your entire house safe.


Lastly, when babies grow up, they also grow an appetite for exploration. This means you might be spending far more time in the garden than you were before, and your garden needs to be ready. If it is uneven or has steep slopes, make sure that you level it and keep it as flat as possible. Any unsafe patios should also be considered, perhaps by renovating that space into wooden decking.

Of course, you don’t need to follow any of these suggestions, you’re going to be with your child at all times, but it’s best to make everything as safe as possible just in case!


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