5 Reasons Your Family Needs to Visit the Galapagos 

Is the galapagos suitable for children

Visiting the Galapagos with your family is an experience you’ll never forget. There’s no other place on Earth where you can walk with giant tortoises, swim with sea lions, and marvel at the incredible flora and fauna that inspired the famous Charles Darwin. Whether you seek quiet relaxation or prefer an adventure-filled getaway with the kids, the archipelago will be a delight to explore. 

If you need more reasons to go, here’s why your family needs to visit the Galapagos.

To See the Wildlife

Galapagos Islands allow your kids to see many fascinating wildlife species up close. Your kids will surely be amazed at the natural behaviour of these animals, which is quite different from the animals you encounter in your home countries. The animals in the Galapagos don’t fear humans, allowing you to get incredibly close to them – a truly fascinating experience! 

Of course, you must keep your distance when around wild animals. But sometimes, it is almost impossible to stay away from these creatures. For instance, seals will not have any issues sunbathing beside you, and giant tortoises will be happy to walk beside you! 

Bartolome is the best place to see some of the animals that dwell on the Galapagos Islands. You can see penguins hanging out around Pinnacle Rock, and along the shores, you can spot sea turtles laying eggs during nesting season.

You can see marine iguanas on almost every shore in the Galapagos, clustering in groups to enjoy the warmth and venturing into the sea to feed on algae. These vividly coloured iguanas are fascinating, featuring vibrant yellow-orange, pink, and black hues. 

The Galapagos Islands are also a paradise for birdwatchers, where you could spend the entire day spotting different bird species. Aside from the 14 species of Darwin’s finches, you could spot three kinds of boobies. You will also find hawks, flamingos, flightless cormorants, and more.

To Explore the Islands

The Galapagos consists of 13 larger islands, including 61 smaller islands and numerous islets and rocky landings. You will explore some of these islands during your visit. The largest is Isla Isabel, home to the Wolf volcano, the highest point in the archipelago. In addition, Isla Isabel has the largest tortoise population in the region. Thus, it’s worth spending several days on the island to witness these cute creatures in their natural habitat. 

Your trip to the Galapagos Islands should include a stop at Isla Santa Cruz, a spectacular island home to incredible wildlife. Here, you can spot marine iguanas basking under the sun and giant tortoises slowly wandering the grassy plains to search for food. Check out the island’s shallow lagoons for a glimpse of the flamingos and brightly coloured crabs scuttling across rocks. 

Isla San Cristobal is another popular stop for cruising around the Galapagos Islands. It offers the perfect mix of relaxation and fun adventures and is home to thousands of sea lions. In fact, you could spot them almost everywhere on the island. San Cristobal is also ideal for bird lovers, offering the perfect spot to watch fascinating birds like blue-footed boobies.

To Marvel at the Never-ending Greenery

The pristine nature of the Galapagos Islands is very appealing, and that’s another reason to visit with the family. One of the archipelago’s most photographed islands is Bartolome. The volcanic island offers breathtaking views of black lava covered in vegetation, slowly descending into the water with the stunning Pinnacle Rock in the background. Aside from visiting Bartolome Island, check out the many other beautiful islands in the Galapagos, where you can marvel in awe at the never-ending greenery. 

The best way to discover the stunning landscapes of the Galapagos is to take hikes. You will find several designated paths across the archipelago, taking you through incredible unique landscapes, allowing you to understand the process of evolution and how the islands form. These hikes will also reveal the flora and fauna that thrive on the islands.

Most of the hikes are relatively short and are best suited for families with kids. Also, you will be with a guide since visitors cannot venture independently. The knowledgeable guide will show you around and share insights into the stunning places you pass by.

To Cruise the Surrounding Waters

The Galapagos Islands is considered one of the world’s best destinations for a cruise, and cruising the archipelago’s surrounding waters is one of the activities to look forward to on your family holiday. Cruising is the best way to visit the archipelago’s major islands, spread across 3,040 sq miles of ocean waters.

Depending on the itinerary, you will visit numerous islands during your cruise, including Santa Cruz, home to the Charles Darwin Research Station. Of course, you can also visit wildlife-rich islands like Fernandina, Española, Isabela, and Floreana. If you are adventurous, you can book a small cruise to take you to the more remote islands. 

Aside from exploring many different islands, you and your kids can enjoy fun activities during your cruise, such as snorkelling and diving, where you’ll see many fascinating marine species, including sharks and manta rays. You can also swim with quirky sea lions during your cruise.

To Fully Disconnect

The Galapagos Islands offer the perfect spot to disconnect and relax away from the hustle and bustle. These secluded islands are pristine, beautiful, and relatively untouched. Although the archipelago straddles the Equator, they are devoid of tropical landscape. Thus, they are barren, featuring frigid waters swathed in thick sea fog. 

In addition, the Galapagos is home to many pristine beaches that offer the perfect spot for relaxation. You can find long stretches of fine white sand almost anywhere in the archipelago. Aside from relaxing and laying down on the sand as you work on your tan, walking on these beaches from one end to another is a relaxing experience.

Compared to some of the world’s more touristy beaches, the beaches of the Galapagos are quiet and calm, allowing you to relax and spend quality time with your loved ones.


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