5 Incredible Travel Experiences Perfect for Teenagers 

As a teenager who yearns to learn many things and is curious about the surroundings, travelling is the best way to feed this curiosity. When you travel, you will discover many things you would not otherwise know when you stay in your comfort zone. In addition, travelling teaches you many essential life skills to help you grow and develop into the best person you can be. It teaches you to adapt to new things, overcome challenges, and test your strengths. 

While you can take many paths in life, the one that leads to your next adventure will always be the most exciting. Below, check out the most incredible travel experiences perfect for teenagers.

travel ideas for teenagers

Hiking in Scotland

Scotland is one of the world’s most popular destinations for a hiking holiday, making it a top choice for teens who love to explore the great outdoors. The stunning trails attract hikers of all levels, taking you through the generous expanse of the Scottish mountains and into the vast wilderness. 

Scotland offers numerous hiking trails, and you should plan where to hike before leaving for your trip. Many of these trails are well signposted, leading you into the heart of the highlands with uniquely wild landscapes. Although some will take you to remote locations, you will find accommodations to spend the night should you wish to take multi-day hikes. If you prefer long-distance hiking trails, some of the best ones are the West Highland Way trail, the coastal trail of Great Glen Way, and the historic Rob Roy Way. 

If you need to spend the night in some accommodations along the way, book them in advance. Due to the popularity of the many hiking trails in Scotland, they could get booked quickly, especially during the peak season. Plan several months into your trip, especially if you want to hike along the West Highland Way.

Summer Camp in Switzerland

Joining a summer camp in Switzerland is an incredible experience for teenagers. It is one of the best ways to spend months away from school and learn essential skills. Depending on the Swiss summer camp, teens can partake in fun activities like hiking, mountain biking, and more. Although Switzerland is beautiful at any time of the year, it looks even more magnificent in summer. You will have the incredible opportunity to soak up its stunning scenery during a summer camp.

You cannot simply learn invaluable life lessons from school or reading a textbook. While on a summer camp in Europe, you can learn essential life skills as you navigate the many activities and interact with teens from different walks of life, leading you to be more responsible.

Switzerland offers a variety of summer camps to cater to a variety of interests. Be sure to choose the summer camp that is suitable for you. Find out the type of activities, from outdoor sports to arts and crafts. Another thing to consider is the location. Some camps are small enough, allowing you to get to know all the participants, while larger ones offer plenty of opportunities for interacting with other teenagers from different countries.

Skiing in France

Adventurous teenagers should consider skiing in France. Given the iconic vertical slopes of Chamonix and the intimidating structure of Mont Blanc, one might think that the French Alps are only for the experts. But the French Alps has a ski holiday for everyone, from extreme vertical slopes to easygoing green slopes, best suited for beginners. You will also find resorts offering ski lessons for skiers of all levels. 

You will find several resorts full of blue and green pistes in the French Alps. For instance, Morzine is a popular family ski resort with plenty of easy slopes and also offers non-ski-related activities. It also has excellent ski schools, making it an ideal place to learn to ski or snowboard. 

After a day on the slopes, you’ll find many ways to wind down in the French Alps. For many teenagers, that could mean good music and good vibes. Thankfully, the French Alps are home to some of the world’s best party ski resorts, where you can have fun and socialise with like-minded skiers.

Gorilla Trekking in Uganda

For teens seeking thrilling experiences, consider gorilla trekking. You will be in awe at coming face to face with an animal sharing over 99% of our DNA, especially since only over a thousand mountain gorillas are left in the wild. Indeed, seeing wild gorillas in Uganda is a dream for teenagers who love wildlife, especially adventurous ones.

It’s worth noting that gorilla trekking in Uganda is only for teens 15 years and above since the activity requires trekking through mountainous terrain that can be difficult for younger teens. 

Aside from Uganda’s Bwindi Impenetrable National Park, you can experience gorilla trekking in Rwanda’s Volcanoes National Park. To protect the mountain gorillas and limit the time humans interact with them, the authorities in Uganda have controlled the number of people who can visit the park. Each group consists only of a maximum of eight visitors, including the rangers, trackers, porters, etc.

Cycling in Spain

There’s no better way to discover the beauty of Spain than on a cycling adventure, where you explore its stunning countryside and picturesque coastal towns and hilltop villages. As one of the world’s top cycling destinations, Spain has many scenic cycling routes offering an incredible cycling adventure for teens.

Mallorca is the mecca of cycling holidays in Spain, where you paddle through stunning coastal highways with the Serra de Tramuntana mountains and azure seas in the backdrop. Coll de Sóller is an iconic cycling route in Mallorca, featuring fabulous views with little traffic, thanks to the tunnel for cars and coaches. 

Tenerife is another popular destination for a cycling holiday in Spain. It’s home to Mount Teide and a favourite of professional cyclists training at altitude. Here, your adventure will take you through dramatic landscapes, past volcanic peaks and charming whitewashed villages surrounded by striking blue seas.


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