The Best Places to Visit in Europe for Single Mum Families 

Rovinj Croatia

For many single parents, travelling alone with kids can be overwhelming, especially if it means going overseas. But taking your child on an international trip as a single mom does not need to be terrifying. The key is in choosing the right destination. Thankfully, the world has many incredible places to make your holiday more enjoyable. From exploring the medieval walled town of Dubrovnik to a fun-filled getaway in Lake Garda and a relaxing beach holiday in Nice, here are the best places to visit in Europe for single-mum families.

Dubrovnik, Croatia

Dubrovnik is a mesmerising city along the Dalmatian Coast, and a favourite among families visiting Croatia, especially those with kids who are big fans of the Game of Thrones, as the city has become the filming location for the popular TV show. It is a fun place to explore with the kids, where they can run around the Old Walls while admiring the views of the Adriatic Sea from the top. 

Riding the Dubrovnik Cable Car is a fun activity to do with the little ones. The scenic 4-minute ride takes you on a picturesque journey towards the peak of Mount Srd. You’ll love looking at your kids’ excited faces as they marvel at the panoramic views to the top. When you arrive at the peak, take the time to soak up the sights, visit the souvenir shop, and dine at the restaurant. 

Apart from its luxurious villas, Croatia is famous for its delightful beaches. Some of these are in Dubrovnik. For fun days at the beach, take the kids to Lapad Beach. It’s a protected bay boasting shallow turquoise water, safe for kids to paddle in. While your kids play, find a spot to relax in one of the umbrellas and sun loungers as you watch over them.

Menorca, Spain

Menorca is an ideal place to take your kids, whether on a quick getaway or a week-long holiday. Plus, its laidback atmosphere allows for that much-deserved relaxation. Since the island is relatively small, you can easily explore and stay in beautiful rentals in Menorca without dealing with tedious car journeys. In addition, Menorca is a safe and quiet island, full of places to explore and things to do.

You’ll love spending quality time with kids at Menorca’s stunning beaches. The island has 200 km of coastline dotted with beaches of all sizes and shapes, suitable for all kinds of families. If you prefer unspoilt beaches, almost free from the tourist crowd, head to Cala Mitjana on the island’s south coast. But if you have small kids and want a well-established beach with children’s facilities, visit the spectacular Cala Galdana. It has a kid’s playground, numerous restaurants, and other amenities for a more enjoyable time with your little ones.

Visit one of the Menorcan farms for a time away from the beach. Some of these farms allow visitors to see their animals, something to delight your little ones. Others will even demonstrate how they make certain products, a great learning experience for you and your kids. Your kids will love seeing their favourite animals up close, from cows to chickens, pigs, and goats!

Lake Garda, Italy

Exploring Lake Garda with your kids guarantees a fun adventure. Besides, the scenic lake offers a fabulous destination for a short weekend trip or an extended holiday in any season. It’s easy to reach by plane from almost anywhere in Europe and close to several major Italian cities like Milan. Thus, it’s ideal for single parents who don’t want to take long-haul flights with kids.

On the southern shore of Lake Garda, you’ll find some of Italy’s largest theme parks, like Gardaland, offering a perfect spot to bond with your kids. It’s a massive place, offering fun and entertainment for kids of all ages. From spectacular kiddie shows to exhilarating rides, you can easily spend the entire day here and still not see everything.

Visit the famous tourist town of Bardolino. Nestled on the lake’s eastern shores, along the stretch of coast where the lake goes from wide to narrow, Bardolino is a charming town with family-friendly attractions and activities. Its friendly and relaxed atmosphere offers a perfect place to unwind while spending quality time with your little ones. You’ll love walking around its panoramic streets filled with shops, cafes, and outdoor restaurants. The path along the lake is well-paved and stroller-friendly, so it’s great if you’ve got small kids.

Lisbon, Portugal

Lisbon is the perfect destination for families seeking a child-friendly city break. It’s very welcoming to families with kids, with numerous attractions and activities suitable for all ages. From a modern zoo to fantastic museums and colourful trams, Lisbon makes for an enjoyable family holiday. You will also discover some excellent villas to rent in Portugal, perfect for families looking for somewhere to stay whilst visiting here. 

If your kids are fascinated with history, take them to São Jorge Castle, a historic castle with ancient fortifications dating back thousands of years. The Pavilhão do Conhecimento is also a must-visit for families. It’s a child-oriented science centre offering various hands-on interactive exhibitions. 

For a relaxing day at the beach, visit Praia da Figueirinha, a stunning beach with brilliant blue waters. It’s situated on a sandbar, forming a sheltered lagoon. Thus, your little ones can safely swim around and not worry about rip currents or giant waves.

Nice, France

Nice is a child-friendly town, home to beautiful parks, gardens, and the stunning Promenade des Anglais, a perfect spot to take scenic walks with your little ones. 

If you’ve got active kids, take them to the Musée National du Sport, a fun museum showcasing the history of French sports. From here, take the kids for a picnic at Park Castel des Deux Rois, a gorgeous green space with a playground where kids can play and run around. 

Of course, no visit to Nice is complete without heading to one of its beautiful beaches. Check out Le Voilier Plage, a vast stretch of sand with abundant space for your kids to play around. It also has gentle slopes, making it popular for families with small kids. Moreover, the well-equipped beach has toilets and cool showers for you and your little ones to rinse off after a swim.


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