Confidence-boosting hacks for summer

Some of us look forward to bright blue skies and long, hazy days, but not everyone is a fan of the summer. Summer can be a difficult season when it comes to feeling confident, especially for those that struggle with negative body image. If you have low self-esteem, or you wished you felt a bit more confident when the summer holidays came around, this guide is packed with confidence-boosting hacks. 

confidence tips

Jump on the self-care wagon

It’s impossible to escape the phrase ‘self-care’ at the moment. Magazines, blogs and TV adverts and shows are promoting or talking about self-care at every opportunity and it has become part of our everyday lives. If you haven’t already embraced the concept, now is the time to jump on the self-care wagon. You don’t have to go crazy and spend hours blitzing fruit in your kitchen and drinking green juices every hour, or spend every waking minute meditating, but there are multiple benefits to devoting more time and energy to your health and well-being. Simple things like being more active, adding nutritious foods to your diet and taking time out to de-stress, unwind, hang out with friends and enjoy hobbies can make a big difference. 

Update your wardrobe

Retail therapy can help you to feel more confident, but most of us have experienced crises of confidence during shopping trips, particularly when they involve trying on swimwear or outfits that show a lot of flesh. Updating your wardrobe is a brilliant way to boost your confidence, but it’s essential to make sure that you choose pieces that suit you and make you feel good. Whether you’re shopping for an outfit for a wedding, party dresses for a charity ball, or shorts, dresses or bikinis for your summer holiday, it’s always worth taking a look around, trying things on and focusing on your style. You can get ideas from trends and social media but don’t feel pressured to wear clothes that you don’t like or outfits that don’t flatter you. 

Think beyond aesthetics

Many of us feel more self-conscious during the summer months. Adverts, social media feeds and magazine spreads are filled with beach shots and gym-honed bodies and the clothes we wear tend to be more revealing. If you’re nervous about going to an event or showing off your body on holiday, try to think beyond aesthetics. You are much more than your looks, and you’re probably focusing on imperfections or flaws that other people either don’t notice or love about you. Try to avoid triggers and concentrate on what you love about yourself. It’s also worth remembering that everyone has insecurities and nobody is perfect. Social media provides a rose-tinted snapshot of life and most of the images you see will be filtered or edited. Focus on doing things and seeing people that make you happy. 

Summer can be an exciting, fun time, but for many, the arrival of warmer climes can cause a dip in confidence. If you long to feel more confident this summer, take these tips on board. Embrace self-care, look after your body and mind and take time to relax and enjoy yourself. Update your wardrobe with clothes and accessories that make you feel good and try to think beyond aesthetics. We often get caught up in what we look like when there is so much more to us. 


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