Nostalgic gifts to get your children

As we get older and start having children of our own, we find ourselves longing for a bit of nostalgia. It’s quite natural to do this as most of us will have had a childhood that’s full of memories. 

It’s not just about the family life but about what you consumed or used as a child that brings back those pangs of nostalgia. From your favourite board games to the most memorable toys or childhood experiences. 

As a parent, you want to be able to provide that same nostalgia and create nostalgia for your kids that they’ll be able to look back on fondly in the future. With that being said, if you’re looking to hit those nostalgic feelings, here are some gifts to get your children this year.

retro games for kids

Throw it back to Barbie

Can you believe that Barbie is still a household name that’s thriving in the toy world? It’s still one of the most popular of dolls to have as a child and there’s been a lot of growth within the brand itself to make it more inclusive to many of the children who get their hands on these dolls in their younger years.

Being able to see representations of themselves within children’s toys is important and Barbie is proof of a brand that’s doing more to stay relevant in the best ways possible.

The brand has been kicking around now since 1959. That’s a lot of generations that it’s influenced and you’re likely to be one of them. Why not treat your son or daughter to a Barbie? In this day and age, Barbies aren’t just for one gender, they’re an inclusive option for anyone who loves dressing up dolls and playing with their imagination.

Buy them some of your favourite books and films

Nostalgia often comes in the form of your favourite books, television series or films. While it’s important for your children to discover their own loves within these categories, there’s no harm in passing down some of your old favourites.

After all, there are plenty of books from your childhood that will still hold relevance today and in the future. Many children’s books, especially those written for young children, are educational and are worthwhile passing on.

For some films, they might be great to watch with your little ones and to enjoy the memories you had as a child. Some might not capture their attention in the way you’d hoped but for the most part, many children’s films are going to be enjoyable for your kids to watch.

One lovely idea for adult children or young adults is to buy them a collection of the books they loved as a child. You could put together 21st birthday hampers for each of your children for example containing their favourite book, film, maybe even a newspaper from the day they were born!

Treat them to some pick ‘n’ mix

There’s nothing quite like a pick ‘n’ mix. Made popular in retail stores that are now no longer in operation, you can still get pick ‘n’ mix online, created by the generations who’ve loved them previously. 

Whether that’s on TikTok shop, or searching for online stores on the internet, there’s nothing like a box or bag of sweet treats to give as a gift to your children. It might be a treat for your children’s birthday or for a one-off occasion to celebrate your kid’s recent achievements. 

retro sweets

Get a retro board game

If you’re looking for something that will give your children a break from their tech gadgets, then why not a classic board game? From Monopoly to Cludeo, these are all games that have remained popular from one generation to another.

Sure, they may have been revamped each time to cater to the modern times of that decade but they’ve still managed to stay relevant. Sometimes, we forget about the fun you can have with a board game – so treat them to the experience of one.

Give them a pre-loved gift from your childhood

Talking of classic games and toys in general, why not give them something that’s pre-loved? Of course, many toys that you had as a child, are probably something that can be enjoyed within your child’s childhood. 

Whether that’s a Tamagotchi that still works or your custom-built doll’s house, there are so many pre-loved items that you’ve possibly hung onto with the intention of giving to your children one day.

Provide them with educational toys

Educational toys are great for children of all ages, especially those who are in early development. It’s definitely something you should take advantage of and so consider the toys that will not only provide entertainment but act as a learning tool.

Nostalgic gifts are a great thing to pass down to your children, whether they’re pre-loved or revamped for the modern-day child.


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