Deep Sleep is the Dream of Every New Mom. Make it Happen with HiGRID Premium Hybrid Mattress

If you’re a mother like me, you know how precious those few hours of sleep you get every night, especially after you’ve delivered your baby – the apple of your eye.

Doctors tell you to sleep when the baby sleeps, but you know that it’s hard to fall asleep even when you’re tired. And, just as you drift off, your baby needs you and the cycle repeats.

New mothers tend to be chronically sleep deprived. It’s proven that chronic sleeplessness in mothers could lead to cold parenting, which can have an impact on your child. This doesn’t have to be you. Not anymore.

Changing the sleep surface can be a game-changer for your sleep. That’s why I have scouted the mattress market, assessed different types of mattresses and handpicked the best one for you.

Get 2x Luxurious Sleep Experience with the Right Mattress – Here’s the Real Deal

One change of mattress and you can rest assured of blissful sleep for at least a decade. Yes, HiGRID Sleep – UK’s first and only smartGRID mattress can make it happen.

I vetted one of their premium products – the HiGRID Premium hybrid mattress and I have put together my candid feedback, so you can make the best decision.

#1 Eases Pressure Off Your Body – 9.9/10

Scientists have found that your body needs to lay down and spread pressure across a large surface area so that all body parts are comforted equally.

This is possible with the Japanese Patented SmartGRID technology which is used in the Hyper-Elastic Polymers of the HiGRID mattress – the grid-like structures that eases and evenly spreads the pressure your body levies on the sleep surface, so your body feels light.

#2 Never-before Comfort – 9.9/10

This mattress makes use of pocket springs and high resilience density foam which can absorb any level of pressure  and can cradle you gently. The Japanese patented smartGRID feature in the mattress adapts to your body shape, sleeping position, movements. No matter how you sleep, your entire body will be supported and cradled.

I love this feature of the HiGRID Premium Hybrid Mattress. To hit the bed and feel it cradling you gently is simply blissful.

#3 Creates a Cool, Pleasant Sleeping Environment – 9.5/10

HiGRID mattresses grid-like columns open up  2500+ air channels, so there’s ample air circulation and no heat is trapped.

Now, that’s what I call sleep tech.

#4 Offers the Right Orthopaedic Support – 9.7/10

The 6.5 firmness level of the HiGRID Premium Hybrid Mattress, is supportive and super comfortable. It prevents you from sinking. It can ease all major pressure points.

#5 All Weather-friendly, Hypoallergenic Cover – 9.8/10

Your little ones can wake up if there’s even the slightest skin irritation during sleep.

That’s why the HiGRID premium mattress has a top layer with hypoallergenic properties and keeps the sleep surface dry and clean. The top cover is entirely washable, so you can have a hygienic, spot free sleep surface.

#6 Super Strong Core With an Anti-Skid Base – 9.6/10

A bouncy mattress is a put-off for anyone.

This mattress is known for its incredible edge support which balances the edge of the mattress well, preventing it from jostling or bouncing when you toss and turn. It can also keep you undisturbed even if your partner moves incessantly.

How Can You Bring This Cushiony Mattress Home?

Now that you know what this mattress can do for you, bring it home just like I did. I’m glad I decided to go for it, I feel like I’m much better rested than I was before.

Here’s how you can feel the same  –

  • Head to The HiGRID Sleep Check if the HiGRID premium mattress suits your body requirements.
  • Order online. Receive confirmation details.
  • Try out the mattress for 200 nights. See if you fall in love with it. If you don’t, return it for FREE.

Get this mattress at a discounted price, order now at The HiGRID Sleep.

Sleep tight, ladies!


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