Comedy Continues to Be a Winner in New MrQ Ad

We may now have pop-up ads, and on-site advert panels, and there’s even been a push to put adverts in triple-A video games, but one of the most effective forms of advertising to create brand awareness is the humble TV ad. However, with the rise of streaming platforms and the fast-forward button on remotes, traditional TV channels have seen the state of play change drastically, meaning that ads need to adapt.

To try to compete with viral videos and even become one, ads are getting shorter and punchier, as relayed by the Investopedia TV report. Easily the clearest way to quickly cut through to audiences on TV and make for a shareable, memorable online ad is with comedy at the core of the short video. This is the approach taken by online gambling platform MrQ, who’ve recruited the services of a proven advert-enhancing comedian.

MrQ’s new television ad leans into the fun of winning or losing

Opening with a distinctly British, moustached chap spinning around in his chair like so many typically English movie villains of the past, you get informed that in life, “you win some, and you lose some.” From there, the MrQ TV Ad takes you on a whirlwind tour of the chap winning and losing, and then sometimes winning in the face of a loss.

He wins a quiz show, fails at pottery, loses at chess, produces the “13 of Diamonds” card to get a win, has some loo roll escape in him in the stalls, and later wins at chess by smashing away the opposing king. All of these quick-cut comedy skits are to tee the audience up into the mood for having fun.

Equally, each roughly two-second clip of a win or a loss could very easily be taken from the video and converted into very shareable gifs. The 13 of Diamonds card reveal is the prime example of this, as is the chess board win. With free online converters readily available and gifs being all the rage in online messaging, the MrQ TV ad is very well positioned to reach further than its 30-second slot.

It’s only the final 13 seconds of the ad – less than half of its runtime – that are committed to selling you on the MrQ casino directly. It’s at this mark that you see the ever-popular Rich Wilde and the Book of Dead slot in play while the host details that there are over 900 games to play and that all winnings are paid in cash. It neatly wraps in the site’s selling points and somewhat covertly after the initial flurry of comedic clips.

Can’t lose with Charlie Partridge right now

You’ll almost certainly recognise the star of the MrQ TV ad from other popular and memorable ad campaigns: particularly the Manscaped pool table ad. Again, the comedian Charlie Partridge is the centrepiece of the ad, being distinctly British and moustached while talking directly to the audience with fun skits mixed into the ad.

Of course, as CampaignLive details, he does a lot of talking about one’s balls, but through the lens of a pool player. It even gets to the point where he’s holding two very pink pool balls, proudly presenting them as his balls, saying how they “glisten in the light,” to not-so-subtly emphasise the quality of the below-the-belt grooming devices.

Given that the MrQ brand is closely associated with a non-nonsense approach, bravely going where other platforms won’t, clear-cut, and rather British, Partridge’s showreel made him the perfect choice for the new comedic TV ads.

Amidst gambling ads emphasising offers and bonuses, MrQ’s certainly stands out as more memorable with the help of the comedian Charlie Partridge.



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