What can you find in your holiday caravan?

What's in a caravan?

If you have booked to go away to a gorgeous caravan this summer, or you already own one and want to upgrade, you might be wondering what comes with it. From bedding to showers, this article will give you the low-down on what you may find in your caravan on your UK spring breaks.

There are usually different levels to the caravan you can chose from, they can range from comfort, to luxury, to superior. It’s up to you which you decide on, but all options offer you a variety of facilities.

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Whilst you’re away, you might want to visit some nice restaurants, but one of the best things about having a caravan is that you can cook in your own mini home, helping you save money on your getaway!

Kitchens in your caravan typically come with a fridge, so you can store all of your cold goods. Some of these fridges will be accompanied by a built-in freezer shelf, but this can depend on your chosen grade of caravan.

An oven with a hob above, means you are able to cook a fry up by morning and a lovely lasagne by evening! Most caravan sites have a designated BBQ area, where you can spend your evenings flipping burgers whilst watching the sunset and admiring your surroundings.

You don’t need to pack your own travel kettle either! These will be provided so you can have a morning brew whilst taking in the scenic views from your windows. Alongside this, you will find a microwave, so you have options when cooking.

Even if you are planning on eating out a lot whilst on holiday, it’s handy to know you still have appliances at the ready if you do need to whip something up in the kitchen!

Living area

The key thing you want to do on holiday is relax. Living spaces in your caravan provide the perfect chillout areas, not too small or too big – they are the ideal level of cosiness.

Here you can usually find a TV, so in the evenings you can put on your favourite film, or in the mornings you can still watch the news with a cup of tea and a bacon sarnie.


Some people love the comfort of their own bed at home, and this is understandable! But caravans offer such a ‘home feel’ you will just feel like you are in your own bed sheets!

The types of rooms can differ depending on how many people are staying in your caravan, but they could find double beds, singles, and even bunkbeds for the kids. Additionally, all beds are made on arrival, so you don’t have to worry about brining your own bedding.

The bedrooms offer a sense of privacy and whilst being surrounded by the incredible sights, you’re sure to have a great night’s sleep!


There is no better feeling than having a fresh shower in the mornings before you start your day. Luckily, caravans have the perfect bathroom for a freshen up, and some even offer a bath!

Do you think you’ll be booking a caravan holiday anytime soon? Or, if you have booked one already, we hope you now have a better idea of what your accommodation will look like on arrival! For those owning caravans already and wanting to upgrade, hopefully you now know what else there is on offer.


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