Switching Water Suppliers: The Pros And Cons Of Making A Change

how to switch water suppliers

If you’re like most people, the thought of switching water suppliers may be terrifying. To compare water suppliers is the best way to understand what your options are, and explore what service offerings are available to suit your home or business water needs. 

Once you have done your research, switching is easy! We’ll help you with your decision making process by explaining some of the pros and cons.


You Have Options

With 11 companies providing services in the water sector, you are spoiled for choice. Water deregulation made it possible for you to have your pick from the best suppliers with the most competitive prices and rates. These water suppliers take care of water and sewerage services and comparing their services and prices allow you to make an informed decision.

Save Money

You are bound to get a better deal on your water bill and/or get a better rate, which means more money in your pocket!

On average the monthly water and sewerage costs in the UK is estimated to be between £35 and £40 per month. Annually it’s between £400 and £500 and we can all agree, it is a lot. 

By switching to another water supplier, you could have massive savings on your bills for water and wastewater of 20% or more.

Get Better Service

If you have an issue with your current supplier that can’t be resolved through normal channels (like billing issues), switching to a new company can help solve any problems quickly and easily—and at no additional cost!

Some water companies may offer services that you aren’t even aware of, and enquiring about the options to your availability is a worthwhile exercise. Your new supplier may help you to monitor water usage and educate you on how to save water and reduce water wastage.

You may also find that the newer suppliers on the scene will bend over backwards to get your business, which means excellent service and unfettered access to their call centre staff for support.

A switch to a new water supplier could also improve your accounting efficiency as they will combine all your costs and charges in a consolidated account. There’s no reason to have piles of paper on your desk to pay! Simplify your bills and make the payment process as painless as possible.

Get better water quality

The water you get from your local supplier is safe, but it may not be the best option for your family. Switching to a different supplier can help you get cleaner, more reliable water at a better price.

The biggest reason people switch suppliers is because they want better quality of drinking water; after all, who wants to drink bad tasting or smelling water? 

There are many different factors involved when it comes to determining what kind of source provides the best quality for each individual household or business operation.

Fix Your Rate

The great thing about switching, is you get to fix your rate. This allows you to know exactly what to budget and avoid unexpected surprises at the end of the month when your bill arrives.



The price of your water supply is one of the most important aspects of switching suppliers. You’ll want to compare what you paid before and how much that will cost now, as well as how much it will cost in the future if you choose a certain product or service. 

If switching costs you money with termination fees or penalties, it may not be worthwhile, but find out first before you hang up your hat!


Another factor to consider if you plan on switching your water supplier is their quality control measures, which include testing facilities and laboratories that ensure they deliver clean drinking water at all times.

When considering the switch you don’t want to compromise on quality. Enquire about your water supplier’s quality control and water purification methods to avoid a step down, for a lower price.


Whether or not a company answers its phone when you call or delivers excellent customer support during billing periods can also make or break an overall experience with them. Make sure you sign up with a reliable service provider that doesn’t promise you the moon, and then disappears without warning!


If you’re thinking about switching water suppliers, you may be asking yourself what makes one company better than the next. 

There are many reasons why one company may be better than another for your needs. 

Water companies often sell their services directly to consumers; if you’re interested in switching suppliers, start by asking around and seeing what people think about their options.


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