7 Tips to Make the Most Out of Your Trip to St George

St George is a great place to explore southwestern Utah’s breathtaking natural landscape and stunning geo-diverse sites. You’ll never be bored in St George; the city is home to an abundance of fun water sports, incredible hiking trails, majestic dunes, and much more. Thanks to its moderate, snow-free winters, St George is a popular four-season destination for golfers, hikers, campers, and mountain bike riders.

In addition to being a haven for outdoor enthusiasts and nature lovers, the city offers travelers many opportunities to indulge in finer things like cultural attractions, unique historical buildings, a vibrant arts scene, and a fantastic array of casual and fine-dine restaurants.

Have we inspired you to pick St George for your next vacation? If yes, check out a few fun things to do while you’re there.

  1. Explore the city’s top dining destinations

Whether you’re an adventure seeker or an art and culture fanatic doesn’t matter. You may be planning your trip to St George, Utah, for all the great recreational pursuits and cultural experiences the city offers, but you will fall in love with it because of the great dining options. Admittedly, Southern Utah is not a culinary mecca, but luckily, you won’t have to go far to find some of the best places to eat in St George. From upscale, special-occasion restaurants to low-key eateries, the city has something to suit every mood and palate.

  1. Visit the beautiful St George Temple

St George is home to a significant Mormon population because it was here that the original Mormon settlers, exiled from the Midwest, constructed their first temple upon arriving in Utah. The dazzling white exterior of St George Temple of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints (LDS) makes this imposing structure easy to spot anywhere in town. The building is enormous, with an interior space of almost 110,000 square feet and a height of 175 feet. It includes three ordinance rooms and eighteen sealing chambers, making it the oldest LDS temple still in service today.

  1. Visit Bryce Canyon National Park

Bryce is one of the busiest national parks, with over 2.7 million visitors yearly.

Some say that Mormon pioneer Ebenezer Bryce (after whom the park is named), when he first saw the area in 1874, exclaimed, “Hell of a place to lose a cow!” It might not be your first thought, but you’ll see what he meant when you get awed by the magnificent grandeur around you.

Hoodoos and cliffs come in a rainbow of hues, from pink to red, orange to yellow to blue. There are plenty of vantage points along the gorgeous park loop road to see the irregular forms, but parking and taking a short walk will reward you with even better scenery.

  1. Check out Kayenta Art Village

The Kayenta Art Village, located just outside St. George, Utah, is a thriving art center. With numerous art galleries, museums, studios, gift shops, a theater, and a coffee shop, this art hub is nothing short of a paradise for art lovers. The community also features a lovely conservatory with desert plants and a maze-like rose garden. The village hosts festivals and other special events, so you may always experience something new whenever you visit St George.

The nearby Coyote Art Village is a serene location where the area’s renowned red clay is exhibited and transformed into stunning ceramics using only locally-sourced materials. Visitors and residents can find many cultural and social opportunities there. You may meet artists and even use their studios to produce your work if you visit one of the many local art galleries or studios.

  1. Stop by Bloomington Petroglyph Park

A fenced, half-acre lot in the middle of a quiet neighborhood, the park was initially built to preserve the petroglyphs or rock carvings left by the pre-1870 residents of the area. And so it does brilliantly.

Though small, Bloomington Petroglyph Park is a fascinating attraction for people of all ages. The park is conveniently located next to the highway, making it a great pit stop for a picnic as you marvel at the beautiful depictions of animals and people on the boulders.

  1. Visit Dixie Sugarloaf & Pioneer Park

Upon arriving at the historic town of St George, Utah, your attention will immediately be drawn to the enormous white lettering painted on the side of one of the towering red sandstone mountains that encircle the city. Those massive white letters mark the location of Pioneer Park, a famous recreational area frequented by locals and tourists. The park makes for a perfect family adventure with plenty of cliffs to conquer, rocks to climb, trails to hike, canyons to crawl through, and caverns to explore.

Pioneer Park overlooks downtown St George. Thus, while you’re in this 52-acre park, it’s not hard to find picturesque vantage points within a short walk from the parking lot — perfect for people seeking fantastic city views and some quiet time.

  1. Don’t miss Palledin Balloon Excursions

Natural beauty abounds in St George and the surrounding area, with stunning red sandstone scenery and colorful desert vistas. While most of us will enjoy this sight from the ground, a hot air balloon ride will give you a new appreciation of the state’s natural splendor.

As you slowly float in the air hundreds of feet above that red rocky landscape that stretches for miles, you’ll get a different perspective on one of Utah’s best regions.

Add a hot air balloon ride to your St. George, Utah, bucket list. Piloted by professionals, these trips offer the best aerial views in Utah, making them a once-in-a-lifetime experience. Also, they are best enjoyed first thing in the morning, preferably just after sunrise.


Any St George’s itinerary must include Zion National Park, but the city’s many museums and parks may leave you wondering where to start. That’s why we made this St George’s bucket list. The city’s scenic lookouts, remarkable red cliff formations, comfortable hotels, delicious food, and charming feel will make your stay a significant highlight of your trip to the Beehive state.


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