Working and Saving in the Right Amounts: Great Ways to Make Your Money Go Further

How to make your money go further

We’re all needing to make the most of our money right now. While we are all looking for ways to stretch our finances further, the fact is that when we have kids that are constantly in need of new clothes, or we have to pay for extra things we hadn’t accounted for, such as school and nursery costs, we can all feel overwhelmed by how much money we have to pay out on a monthly basis. This is why we’ve got to be clever with our money, but also get a greater understanding of what we can do, despite our limitations. Let’s show you some approaches that may seem insignificant on their own, but remember, little changes can add up to a lot

Free Samples

While getting samples is something that isn’t going to help you push your money further on the surface, the reality is if you start to take as many of these free samples as possible, you will not need to spend money on the real thing. It’s also worth noting that a lot of websites that provide samples also provide vouchers and cashback offers. Getting cashback is one of the best ways to make your money go further right now, because the fact is we all need to spend, whether it’s on food or Christmas, and getting part of that cost back in a voucher means that we can save more money further down the line. 

Buying in Bulk

The toughest thing about buying in bulk is that you have to invest more money upfront. This means that, while you are spending more initially, you are going to claw this back in the long run. So many of us are living hand to mouth, but when you start to think about the essentials that you and your family use, for example, toilet paper, if you find deals or you go somewhere like Costco, these things could slowly amass of a time, meaning that you will save money further down the line. It’s about that bigger-picture thinking! 

Signing Up for Daily Draws

You can sign up for as many different daily draws as possible. There’s a variety of lottery websites around, such as the free postcode lottery. It’s worth remembering that when you sign up to these websites, it can seem like a lot of work to get what may amount to £10, but every little counts. 

Online Surveys

Online surveys are not going to make you rich overnight, but if you have been struggling to pay for treats for your kids, you can get a little amount of money which will add up over time. There’s a huge variety of survey websites out there, all with various lengths. Some surveys can take over an hour or a matter of minutes. The payment is always in line with the survey length, so if you can invest more time in a survey, rest assured, you will have more money for it. 

Online Work 

There are two fantastic websites out there, Appen and Pactera, that provide a lot of ongoing work for people from the comfort of their own homes. The beauty of this type of work is that you get paid for the work you do, which predominantly involves transcribing audio, such as voice commands, but there are a wide variety of tasks that you can sign up for. In order to be considered for work, you have to undergo a screening process. However, the earnings are far more than any average survey website and is that perfect flexible role for mothers. 

Voice Recognition Jobs

The service provider TELUS International offers a number of tasks where you speak sentences into your phone or computer. You may not qualify for all of them because of your location or your accent, but it’s worth signing up for emails to ensure that, if something does suit you, it’s a couple of hours of work for a lot of money, usually around £80 to £100. However, in order to do this properly, you need peace and quiet, so make sure the kids are occupied! 

The fact is that if you want to earn extra money, it’s about finding the right resources, while also ensuring that you are savvier with your spending. With both of these aspects at play, you can make your money go further, all while being at home. It’s not easy for anybody right now, which is why you’ve got to think about the fact you need to earn money, but also alter your spending in as many different ways as possible.


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