The 6 Best Websites for Designing, Ordering, and Sending Wedding Invitations

Use these top websites to help you with every step of the wedding invitation process.

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Planning a wedding is no easy task! From finding a venue, deciding on a date, and choosing a theme—it is no wonder that people get completely immersed in the planning process. With so many decisions up in the air, there should be at least a few aspects of the wedding that are a no-brainer. That’s why today we’re sharing with you the best websites that you can use to design, order, and ship out your wedding invitations to your guest list. While creating and sending invitations should be easy, you do want to carefully choose a type of invitation that matches with your wedding theme. Luckily, the services we’re discussing have hundreds of different customizable options for you to choose from. Let’s take a look at some of the most useful websites out there for wedding invitations!

Gmass is Your One Stop Shop For Sending Digital Wedding Invitations

If you are searching for an easy and free way to send wedding invitations—look no further than Gmass

woman sending out wedding invites

A mass email service is a perfect tool for sending out wedding invitations.

For people who are looking for an easy—and free—way to design and send digital invitations, GMass is the perfect solution. GMass is a free mass email service that can help you intuitively design and send out your invitations. When you download the GMass plugin, you’ll find that the service seamlessly integrates into your existing Gmail platform. Using this gmail mass email service, you can drag and drop different design elements to begin composing your wedding invitation. These design elements could be anything from a video embed, a custom logo for your wedding, borders, background, patterns, and more! You can also make it as easy as possible for your guests to RSVP. All you have to do is use the mass email service to embed a link to a Google Form so guests can accept your invitation, stipulate any plus ones, and select their dinner preference. Ultimately, using a Gmail mass email service to compose and send your invitations may just be the easiest—and most budget-friendly—way to send out virtual invitations. 

Using GMass, you can also take advantage of the reporting capabilities included with the mass email plugin. For example, if someone hasn’t RSVPed as the date approaches, you can always check the metrics from GMass to see if they have opened the message. If they haven’t yet opened your invitation, then you can assume they missed it or that it ended up in the spam folder and send out a follow up.

Etsy for the Most Creative Custom Invitation Options

There is a good chance you’ve used Etsy before, but did you know that they have so many different wedding invitation options?

Etsy wedding stationery

Etsy has endless options for hand-crafted wedding invitations

We all know Etsy as a marketplace for crafts, custom commissions, and really anything you can imagine when it comes to small gifts and trinkets. What a lot of people don’t know is that Etsy is a great place to search for wedding invitation designs. Simply search for wedding invitations in the main search bar on Etsy and you’ll find thousands of options for your wedding. If you are overwhelmed by the amount of options, use their search features to narrow down the options. For example, you can choose from minimalist invitations, invitations with calligraphy, invitations with matching envelopes included, and more! To get started, we recommend typing your general wedding theme into the search bar and perusing your options store by store.

If you are having a garden wedding, make that your search query and you can explore hundreds of different floral designs from creators around the country. Depending on the seller and your preferences, you may be able to designate the text you want for the seller to print or you may need to have the text printed separately once you receive the invitations. In conversation with the seller, you can get more information about each invitation type before you reach your final decision. 

Zola For Easy to Create Invites and Other Wedding Services

Zola is ideal for invitations and a whole host of other wedding-related services

Wedding invitation samples

Get wedding invitation samples sent right to your doorstep using Zola.

Best known for their wedding registries, Zola is also a great site to design and order your wedding invitations. With nearly 500 designs available from Zola, you are guaranteed to find a design that matches your ceremony theme. The great thing about Zola is that you can try out a few different invitation types before you make the final decision. Using the “Free Sample Design’ feature on their website, you can choose up to 5 samples to be delivered to your home. Then, when you receive the samples you can choose which one you like the best. 

We understand how difficult it can be to make a decision on an invitation without seeing it in person. Does the card feel like it’s high quality? What will the foil details look like? With Zola you can eliminate this guesswork. You’ll feel confident that you know exactly what you are ordering and that it is the best out of the 5 options you selected. So, if you want to avoid any surprises when the invites arrive, Zola is the way to go. 

Paperculture Wedding Invitations For Sustainable Paper Options

Now more than ever, couples are searching for sustainable paper options for their physical wedding invitations

sustainable wedding invitations

For every order, Paperculture plants a tree in an effort to conserve our forests.

Many people are concerned for the environment and excessive paper production, but still want to send out physical wedding invitations. The solution to this problem—Paperculture’s 100% recycled invitations. Not only is every invitation printed on recycled paper, but Paperculture will plant a tree for every invitation order they receive. So far, that’s led to over one million trees planted! They also take care to monitor their carbon footprint and have been classified as one of the top 10 Climate Leaders by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA). Did we forget to mention that they have a wide range of stunning designs to choose from with customizable options available as well. If you are searching for the greenest possible option for your wedding invitation, check out Paperculture!

Amazon for Low-Cost Invitation Options

Searching for wedding invitations that won’t break the bank? You might just find your ideal invitations on Amazon

Amazon wedding invitations

Amazon has everything—including wedding invitations!

It is safe to say that everyone has used Amazon before to purchase a variety of different products. However, most soon-to-be-wed couples aren’t aware that Amazon also offers a lot of great, budget-friendly options for wedding invitations. For the vast majority of Amazon wedding invitation options, you are able to customize your message and get your invitations shipped much more quickly than other retailers. This is perfect if you are looking for something at the last minute! Even if it isn’t a last minute purchase, many people still prefer the ultra-fast shipping that only Amazon can offer. Instead of taking 1-2 weeks, you can get your invitations in 2-3 days. to Send Out Your Invitations with Ease

Ditch the post office in favor of

Post box

Avoid the hassle of going to the post office with

Once you’ve received your physical invitations, the next step is to send them out. This is, of course, only necessary if you’ve opted for physical invitations. People who chose to send out virtual invitations get to skip this step altogether! For those who have physical invitations, there is a way to skip the hassle associated with going to the post office to send out large volumes of invitations. That solution is called! Using users can send their invitations, save time, cut costs on postage, and eliminate the guesswork associated with getting the right kind of postage. Not to mention, when you sign up with you get access to $5 in free postage to help you get started sending out your invites.

Even though wedding invitations may seem like one of the smaller aspects of your preparation, there are a lot of decisions to make. Using the services we’ve listed above, you can create, order, and send out stunning wedding invitations that match your unique theme. Be sure to shop around a bit before making your final decision so you know you are getting the right kind of invitations at the right price. Once your decision is made, you can start counting down the days until the ceremony and making final preparations!



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