Distinctive Vinyl Strengths

benefits of vinyl flooring

There are many reasons to choose luxury vinyl flooring for your flooring at home or work, and many brands will try to beat each other to the finish line in selling their fantastic qualities.

With so many benefits over the real thing, be it wood, stone or slate; it is only natural to look at the main focus of why people prefer Distinctive vinyl flooring as their brand of choice.

Easy Lay

Luxury vinyl flooring is an easy installation product which is perfect for those not experts in laying a floor.

With Distinctive as the choice for your home, the level of ease in clicking together planks is a large reason for its popularity. When using a glue-down option, you may require a professional and the use of adhesives, however, any damaged areas can just as easily be uninstalled and changed without disrupting a large portion of the floor.

Installing a floor is usually deemed the hardest part of the process. Distinctive makes it as simple as it needs to be.


If your house is a constant barrage of children and pets running across your floor, then vinyl flooring is a must for the home to ensure there is no wear and tear.

Distinctive flooring has been specifically manufactured with layers that prevent scratches to a higher degree than regular flooring. Whereas carpet and real hardwood flooring see regular food and drink spillages damaging the look and consistency over time, vinyl has a safeguard against stains so that after a quick clean it retains its fresh look.

A perfect product against footprints and paw prints is undoubtedly a breath of relief.

vinyl floor


Unlike other floorings like carpets that require multiple specialist cleaning chemicals, luxury vinyl flooring can be cleaned with as little as warm soapy water applied to a sponge. After an occasional mop of the floor, you will discover that water will not seep through the flooring due to moisture protection, meaning no subfloor will be affected and tiles or planks will not rot or come unglued.

It’s the perfect product for your kitchen floor where cleaning can be done quickly and effortless.

Luxury with Minimal Effort

For those feeling like a DIY expert, vinyl flooring gives the ultimate weekend project that can bring out some true creative spark.

You can even mix up the flooring to give a different vibe – from the living room to the dining room to the kitchen. Distinctive vinyl flooring offers you the chance to have it the way you want at a fraction of the price of the real deal.

For a strong home, make the Distinctive choice with your luxury vinyl flooring – such as grey herringbone vinyl flooring.


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