7 Best Women Playing CSGO

Women playing CSGO

CSGO is very often viewed as a favorite male pastime. However, there is an accomplished band of women who are extremely talented at playing this exciting combat game.

1. Catherine “CAth” Leroux

CAth began her CSGO adventures in 2014. She is noted for her consistent performances, particularly when under pressure. Alert and opportunistic, she frequently provides appropriate solutions during difficult missions. As a member of CLG Red, she was victorious in the Majors of the 2015 E-Sports World cup. In 2017, CAth helped Team Dignitas to become the runners-up at IEM Katowice.

2. Christine “Potter” Chi

Potter is one of America’s most lethal CSGO players. She has Korean ancestry and began playing e-sports professionally with SK Ladies in 2007. In 2017, her leadership helped Counter Logic Gaming Red finish in the top four at Katowice. Women usually have great difficulty joining an all-male team, but Potter’s outstanding skills have earned her a place in the Old Guys Club.

3. Amanda “Rain” Smith

Rain is from Canada and has made great progress since becoming an e-sports professional in 2016. She displays speed and accuracy through a versatile armory of firepower from the best CSGO weapon skins here. Her skills enabled her to join Team Dignitas, one of the most popular teams on the CSGO circuit.

4. Julia “Juliano” Kiran

Swedish e-sports player Juliano began her e-sports career with Bad Monkey Gaming. In 2017, her shooting accuracy helped her gain significant success competing with Team Secret at the Intel Challenge in Katowice. This was followed by victories in Minor and Major competitions. At the end of 2021, Juliano changed her allegiance from CSGO to Valorant.

5. Zainab “zAAz” Turkie

Lebanese-born zAAz commenced her e-sports career in Sweden at the age of fourteen. zAAz has developed superb rifle skills, ensuring she is one of the most proficient players to handle such a weapon in CSGO. She is also appreciated for her leadership qualities and the positive influence she has had in promoting CSGO for women. Her current team is Besiktas Esports.

6. Benita “bENITA” Novshadian

In the early days of bENITA’s esports career, she was a reliable squad member of UBNITED along with CAth. After the team’s demise in 2019, bENITA was offered a place in Counter Logic Gaming Red. It was a wise move as her team found success at the Copenhagen Games in 2019. Although her skills are excellent for the challenges of CSGO, bENITA has recently defected to Valorant.

7. Stephanie “missharvey” Harvey

Missharvey grew up in Montreal, Canada, where she became a professional CSGO player in 2004. Her meticulous preparations in practice sessions have made her an indispensable player for Counter Logic Gaming Red. To gain additional playing experience, misshaarvey joined a succession of famous e-sports teams. She now plays for an an all-girl team known as Those Damn Canadians.


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