What Is Nitro Coffee? How is Nitrogen Infused With Coffee

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Coffee is a versatile drink enjoyed in a variety of ways. Some people love hot steaming coffee with lots of froth and milk, while others prefer theirs black or on ice. You can also enjoy your coffee sweetened or with its raw, roasted slightly bitter taste. Another popular preference is iced coffee which is best taken on a hot day to cool off. Lately, however, a lot of coffee shops have been sporting the term nitro coffee, which is a type of chilled drink infused with nitrogen.

Nitro Coffee

The drink came into the market only four years ago and is thus fairly new. Mainstream outlets have recently adopted it into the menu, with hopes of expanding into more shops countrywide. It has however become popular quite fast as many people have grown to like the unique taste of the drink.  

To make Nitro coffee, one has to start by creating a cold brew. Often, people opt to create an iced coffee drink by just combining the two in a glass. As expected, however, the result often turns out watery and bitter. To resolve this issue comes cold brew, which is fairly easy to make. All one would need is to grind their coffee granules and then add cold or room temperature water. Allow it to sit overnight or for about 12 to 24 hours then strain it out. The next step is to turn this cold brew into nitro coffee by infusing it with nitrogen.

So how does one infuse nitrogen with coffee?

Most cafes simply do this through the use of a pressurized valve, and then serve the drink ‘on tap’, similar to a keg. For large-scale production, it would however be best to invest in nitrogen generators instead of having your cylinders refilled every so often. If you are a smaller coffee shop, however, the latter is also fine and perhaps more economical and attainable. If you are a coffee consumer and would like to experiment with this drink, you can visit any cafe and give it a shot. Alternatively, you can also make this type of coffee from the comfort of your home. All you would need are your choice of coffee granules as well as a whipped cream dispenser that contains nitrogen cartridges.

What makes this drink special?

  1. Has a smooth, velvety texture- The nitrogen will create tiny bubbles into the coffee thereby creating a soft foamy feel. You might not even need to add milk or any other form of dairy, as people often find this smoothness to be creamy enough.
  2. Much sweeter – Due to the use of the cold brew, the coffee will have less bitterness as compared to regular coffee. Moreover, the nitrogen will slightly change the flavor making it sweeter than a plain cold brew. You can however always add a sweetener or vanilla syrup if you prefer your coffee this way.

Visit your local restaurant and give this drink a shot, or make it by yourself at home. The experience will surely be worth it.


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