How to put yourself first as a mom

As mothers, we often feel great exhaustion, fatigue, and feelings of helplessness because we have no time at all. Great exhaustion is often associated with feelings of sadness and aggression, which we eventually unleash on our children. That is why it is very important to find time for yourself, to relax, to take a second breath.

Guilt free mum time

What can help you find time for yourself?

1. Organize your time

In case you finally have the coveted time for yourself, it’s important to tell yourself: Now is the time for what I love – and it won’t be cleaning. Write it down in the “Time for Yourself” sheet, where you will exercise, read, or go for a massage or cosmetics, or you will go for coffee with your friends.

2. Choose the right activity

Decide on your free time and think about what would bring you relaxation and rest. Remember what you really enjoyed before the child came and what you would love to enthusiastically do again. Find the right activity after which you will feel satisfied when your self-time is up.

3. Pay for help

Consider delegating some of the responsibilities you have to do each day. Once a week, for example, your husband can make dinner, or you can order dinner instead of cooking. You don’t need to wash the floor every day. You also don’t have to iron every piece of laundry, iron only the essentials. If you don’t like to do the home chores at all, it’s okay to pay a cleaner. In short, discount somewhere, you will see that not so much will actually happen.

4. Babysitting

The grandparents and husband are not nearby to help the mother, who is alone with one or three children and needs to work and do the chores around the house. How to even find time for yourself among all those responsibilities, housework and childcare? This mother needs definitely a little bit of help, but she doesn’t have the budget to pay for the help.

The solution is offered by itself – the babysitter. Yes, a babysitter on a budget! Did you know you don’t need to pay for overpriced nannies? Baby video monitors, in particular, are a great help for parents to keep an eye on children anywhere, at any time. If you have two phone devices you have your solution – baby app monitor.

Best baby monitor

How does Annie Baby Monitor work? 

Don’t worry, the monitoring is easy. Everyone can handle it, even grandparents. Make sure you have at least two devices ready, e.g. smartphone, tablet, laptop, Apple watch, Onvif/HomeKit camera. No need to buy any other special equipment, use the devices you own. 

Go to App Store or Google Play and download the app Annie Baby Monitor on both devices. One device is a parent unit and the other is a child unit. Pair the devices and the monitoring can begin! 

This phone-based monitor has many benefits, mainly check in on your child while you working, doing home chores, having a romantic dinner or you’re spending some quality time just by yourself.

How much does Annie Baby Monitor cost?

Annie offers a weekly, monthly, yearly or lifetime subscription with a FREE TRIAL PERIOD. With a Premium account, you get full access to audio and video monitoring on all networks. You can first try it for three days for free and then decide to buy it.


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