How Does Email to Fax Service Work?

Email to fax services are efficient ways to send and receive faxes, and companies that use the services eliminate extra costs associated with faxing. When reviewing the services, the owner must determine how to send the faxes via email and connect directly to the organization’s network.  

The Service Provider Connects the Fax Services 

Online faxing services are different from traditional services, and the owner doesn’t need a fax machine to send or receive faxes for the business. The owner reviews all packages available through the service provider and finds a plan that accommodates the total number of faxes the company sends each month. The services are managed through a monthly flat-rate fee based on the services in each package. Companies that need to set up email to fax services get started by contacting a service provider now. 

Creating User Accounts for Workers and The Owner

User accounts are set up for each worker and the owner, and the accounts may include each party’s name. The passwords are selected at random through the system to prevent users from selecting passwords that are too easy to guess. The authorization and authentication for the accounts are based on what each worker does within the company and the security clearance assigned to the employees. The strategy prevents some employees from seeing information that is above their job level and has nothing to do with their job duties.  

Enabling Email to Fax Services

Email to fax services allow the individuals to send and receive faxes in their email account, and the accounts are linked to the company network and domain. The workers won’t use private email addresses that are not linked to the company.

When setting up web services, the administrator chooses a domain for the company network, and all email accounts are hosted through the domain. Once the accounts are active, the service provider connects the faxing services to the email accounts.  

Entering the Recipient’s Fax Number 

The user opens their email account and enters the recipient’s fax number in the address bar and attaches documents to the email message. The worker adds details into the body of the email, including a cover letter for HIPAA compliance if the party is sending any medical records to another organization. When the sender is ready to send the fax, the party clicks send just if the person was sending an email.  

Creating a Copy of the Fax 

Each time that a new email message is sent through the fax services, the system creates a copy of the fax and all documents included. The company can keep accurate records of all faxes that are sent or received through the services.

The information is necessary when confirming that the recipient received the faxes and signed contracts that were returned. All data is encrypted and protected by a secure socket layer, and the company won’t have to worry about vulnerabilities that lead to data loss or corruption.  

Email to fax services improve the way companies send a fax to another party, and the company can connect the services through their network. All companies set up their network and email services for workers. The email addresses are hosted on the domain and connect to online business services. The opportunities offer incredible convenience for companies and protect all data effectively.  


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