Fun Activities for the Whole Family this Fall

why you should kick autumn leaves

The fall is a time for pumpkin spice lattes, cute warm sweaters and some of the best family activities. Outdoor and indoor activities galore, don’t miss out on some great opportunities this season.

Here are some ideas to help plan for activities with the whole family this fall.  

Explore a Pumpkin Patch

Have an adventure at the pumpkin patch! There is something magical about picking out and eating fresh pumpkins and watching them grow on their vines. Not to mention that many pumpkin patches have a lot more to offer than just the patch. Some offer hayrides, pumpkin painting, and even mazes through the fields. So research the pumpkin patches in your area to see what kind of events and activities they have available!

Hot Air Balloon Ride

Watching the sunrise or sunset with the family can be an incredible experience. Families in Houston love to do this on fall nights when the autumn foliage can be viewed from high in the sky.

If you’re interested in joining families in Houston, perhaps checking out the current Apartments in Houston that are for rent is a great place to start. There are numerous fall activities in this area and certainly all throughout the year as well.

Haunted Hayrides

If your family is up for a thrill, checking out local haunted hayrides or houses is the perfect fall night activity. From scary characters to creepy wooded areas, everyone will surely be spooked! Just a word of caution to check the event description as some can be quite scary and not suitable for very young children. 

Head to a Football Game

When autumn rolls around, football fans have their gear ready to go. Fall weekends are the perfect time to head to a local high school, college, or even NFL football game depending on where you’re located.

Put on your favorite team’s apparel and cheer them on from the stands!

Play in the Leaves

A simple activity that is free and may actually help you with your house chores. Rake the leaves your yard has collected into one large pile for the entire family to jump into. After you’re done, have the kids pick out a few to preserve or trace with a crayon for a fun craft project.

Get Lost in a Maze

Having fun in a corn maze trying to find certain items or posts is one of the many fun activities available in the fall. Grab a cup of warm apple cider and head inside the maze but make sure everyone sticks together! 

Have a Happy Fall!

Fall is the time to get out and enjoy the crisp cool weather. There are many fun activities that your family can do together and not all of them require spending a lot of money or time. Give your family some of these ideas and have a happy fall filled with memories! If you’re a member of a local community organization, then suggest one of these activities as a group outing. 


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